• Sun / 21 February 2021 / 14:26
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Rises in value, volume of trades on Iran Mercantile Exchange

Rises in value, volume of trades on Iran Mercantile Exchange

Tehran (ISNA) - Within the month ending on February 18th, the IME sold 2,960,000 tonnes of commodities with a total trading value of more than 1,620 million USD, showing 2 and 16 percent of growth in volume and value of trades respectively.

According to a report by the IME's international affairs sand PR, the mineral and industrial trading floor witnessed trade of 1,349,000 tonnes of commodities worth more than 875 million USD.

This floor was a platform to sell 236,000 tonnes of steel, 26,040 tonnes of copper, 54 tonnes of precious metals concentrate, 510 tonnes of molybdenum concentrate, 24,500 tonnes of aluminum, 500 tonnes of coke, 18,100 tonnes of zinc, 50,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate, 100 tonnes of cast iron, 50 tonnes of lead and 65 kg of gold bars.

In addition to that, the IME traded on both domestic and export pit of its oil and petrochemical trading floor 1,589,000 tonnes of commodities worth more than 740 million USD.

Commodities sold here were 494,337 tonnes of bitumen, 331,664 tonnes of petrochemicals, 152,840 tonnes of chemicals, 13,382 tonnes of base oil, 423,050 tonnes of vacuum bottom, 18,790 tonnes of sulfur, 200 tonnes of argon, 250 tonnes of insulation and 159,500 tonnes of lube cut.

Last but not least, the exchange saw trade of 21,645 tonnes of commodities on its side market.

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