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Iran has always been ready for talks with Saudis: Kharazi

Iran has always been ready for talks with Saudis: Kharazi

Tehran (ISNA) - Head of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Kamal Kharazi said to solve regional problems in either political or military areas, asymmetric methods should be taken because the traditional diplomacy pursued by international organizations or talks with world powers doesn’t work.

In a meeting with prominent Arab journalists, Sarkis Naoum and Nasser Qandil, Kharazi said, “The point of view is the strategy of Axis of Resistance”.

Mentioning Iran’s actions to confront US and Israel’s plots, he added, “Iran’s long-term and strategic goal is US’s withdrawal from the region, which depends on regional nations’ will, especially Iraq and Syria. We witnessed Iraqi parliament’s decision on the issue”.

The official echoed Iran’s view on providing regional security by regional countries saying, “We have always been ready for talks with Saudi Arabia. But, unfortunately, Saudi rulers are not independent in decision-makings and they have to consider US interests. Americans are trying to take advantage of the situation, that’s why they don’t let Saudis to decide independently”.

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