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Regional people to give strong response to US’ new plot: Larijani

Regional people to give strong response to US’ new plot: Larijani

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday stressed that just as the Kurds, Arabs and the Turks, Iranian nation is also of no importance to the US administration, noting that oil is the only important thing to Washington.

US President, Donald Trump is apparently not aware of the fact that Syrian soil and oil belong to Syrian government and people, Larijani said, adding that the US has no right to usurp a country by invading it and seizing its oil fields.

It has always been US hidden policy in the Middle East and in the oil rich countries, he said.

“Disclosing the most covert policies of the White House has revealed the real and anti-popular image of the US administration,” he added.

Larijani urged the US officials to watch Trump's mouth instead of sympathizing with Iranian people.

“Since the US has no means for a military dominion over Iran, it is trying to undermine the country through an economic blockade in a bid to gain dominance over our oil and gas,” he added.

“Recently, the American regime has been trying to inflict a different kind of chaos over our region to guarantee the fulfillment of its sinister plots in case its plans for gaining dominion over oil failed,” Larijani said, stressing “but the regional people will give a strong response to this new plot.”

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