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In an exclusive interview with ISNA;

Despite US’ maximum pressure, Iran has economic relations with world’s important actors: Vaezi

Despite US’ maximum pressure, Iran has economic relations with world’s important actors: Vaezi

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran’s President chief of staff, Mahmoud Vaezi stressed that Iran has announced its goodwill to end regional tensions through UN.

Mentioning Iran President Hassan Rouhani’s laugh in his meeting with UK Prime Minister, Vaezi said, “The best answer to British and French officials’ offer to meet with US President Donald Trump was the very laugh”.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Vaezi noted that Iran has trade and economic relations with many important economic actors in the world and US couldn’t cut the ties with its maximum pressure.

Answering whether Eurasian Economic Union welcomed Iran’s joining to the block, he said, “Obviously, everyone's going to benefit from that because developing trade relations has a mutual benefit. Iran’s unique geographical location is an opportunity for every business partner”.

Speaking about topics raised during talks with France, UK, Pakistan and etc…, Vaezi said, “JCPOA and talks with US was discussed in all the meetings and all the leaders condemned US’ withdrawal from the deal and its sanctions against Iran. We noted to the European leaders that we can’t expect the nuclear deal to be maintained, while the only committed side is Iran. Tehran’s side was clear in the talks and we stressed that we won’t come to negotiation table with US while we are still under pressure and sanction”.

He also noted that those who accuse Iran for the attacks to Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities neither had precise information about Yemenis’ military capabilities, nor any evidence of Iran’s participation in the attack. “We repeatedly called them to present their documents if they have any, but nothing was mentioned,” he added.

Pointing to Iran’s relations with the neighboring countries, the official said, “We intend to expand relations with our neighbors. We are even ready to ignore their previous mistakes. We talked to the world with the slogan of Initiative of Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE). As President Rouhani said, the best way to return peace and security to the region is foreign forces’ withdrawal and constructive dialogue between all the regional states”.

“We want peace for all the regional states. Security in the Persian Gulf is only provided by preserving its security by the Persian Gulf states. HOPE initiative means we are ready to hold talks with all countries within the framework,” he said.

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