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Following Zahedan terrorist attack;

IRGC’s chief commander warns Pakistan

IRGC’s chief commander warns Pakistan

Tehran (ISNA) - The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ chief commander stressed that Iran will take revenge for the blood of the oppressed martyrs of the recent deadly terrorist attack on a group of IRGC forces in southeastern Iran, warning Pakistan to fulfil its responsibilities in fighting against terrorists.

The IRGC’s chief commander, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari made the remarks at the funeral ceremony of the martyrs of the terrorist attack.

He said, “If Pakistan doesn’t fulfil its responsibilities in fighting against terrorists, the Islamic Republic of Iran will punish the mercenaries organized by regional and trans-regional secret intelligence agencies”.

“The terrorist attack has strengthened the will of the Iranian nation, IRGC and other armed forces to protect the borders and we vowed to take revenge for the blood of the martyrs,” Major General Jafari added.

Stressing that Iran will definitely take retaliatory measures against conspiracies and reactionary governments of the region which are acting at the behest of the US and the Zionist regime, the IRGC’s chief commander said, “Pakistan should be held accountable for the crime because Islamabad is aware of the whereabouts of the terrorists who carried out the attack. Islamabad is expected to step up security measures and tactics on the common border and doesn’t allow terrorists to use Pakistan’s border regions with Iran as their arena for committing anti-security measures against Iranian nation”.

“If Pakistan fails to fulfil its responsibilities in this regard, Iran reserves the right to take action against threats in accordance to international law,” the commander warned.

The IRGC personnel were traveling between the cities of Zahedan and Khash, in Sistan and Baluchestan Province on Wednesday, when their bus was targeted in a car bomb attack.

The attack killed 27 IRGC members and wounded 13 others.

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