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Iran’s Defense Ministry unveils long-range cruise missile “Hoveyzeh”

Iran’s Defense Ministry unveils long-range cruise missile “Hoveyzeh”

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran has unveiled a long-range cruise missile, dubbed “Hoveyzeh” amid celeberations for the 40th anniversary of victory of Islamic Revolution.

“Hoveyzeh” cruise missile made by experts from Iranian Defense Ministry’s aviation industries organization was unveiled following a successful test flight and it is ready to be delivered to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force.

The missile was showcased at an exhibition of defense achievements in Tehran on Saturday.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said during a visit to the exhibition, “The missile has a range of over 1,350 kilometers, can fly at a low altitude, has high precision and accuracy and is capable of heavily destroying ground targets”.

“The Hoveyzeh missile is the symbol of self-belief and an important defense achievement based on today's technological progress in the world,” he added.

“The missile also shows that no obstacle can hinder the Iranian nation's determination and will in the defense field,” General Hatami stressed.

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Translated and edited by Sepideh Hashemi