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Islamic cities really modern in public spaces

Islamic cities really modern in public spaces

Tehran (ISNA) – Professor of Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Italy asserted that Metropolitan areas concentrate the main share of the population, production and consumption in OECD countries.

Professor Contin Antonella said, “We truly believe that preferization policy in the management of the metropolises can eradicate marginalization around the cities and this policy is likely to be one of the most important units for economic, social and environmental analysis”.

“Polycentric metropolitan area is an urban center that is organized around multiple cities, for example, the Ruhr in Germany and the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States followed this policy and prevent marginalization,” she said.

“Polycentric city emerges as a non-hierarchical, institutional, and cultural framework that makes possible the coexistence of multiple centers of decision making with different objectives and values,” she said, adding, “This phenomena can sets up the stage for an evolutionary competition between the complementary ideas and methods of those different decision centers in order to achieve high-quality living standards in metropolises”.

“The metropolitan issue knowledge is fragmented into sectorial visions. Architecture, infrastructures, energy, economy, sociology, law or other disciplines give insufficient room to the role of organized data for integrated interdisciplinary field that new dimension of the city requires”.

She stated, “Our attempt is to sketch out a disciplinary approach for a high quality of life within the metropolises and we can use the methods of architecture of Muslim cities to build more sociable cities in our country”.

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