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Social patterns of pedestrians' walking decoded

همایش پیاده‌روی خانواده - قزوین

Tehran (ISNA) - An Iranian researcher, supported by deputy for research at Jahad Daneshgahi, managed to study the social patterns of pedestrians' way of walking (specifically females') in their daily lives.

In an interview with SinaPress, Siamak Ghazipour, architect and urban designer, said, "The chief purpose of the study, carried out in Sangelaj Neighborhood, Tehran, was to investigate a defined social unit and its pedestrians' walking so that certain patterns can be provided to improve the presence as well as the movement of the inhabitants of a certain neighborhood".

The faculty member at Institute of culture, Art and Architecture affiliated to Jahad Daneshgahi maintained, "Our principal concern was to explore the social dimension of walking as in most domestic and global projects, individuals as the active agents of walking have been ignored; thus, the social dimensions of walking have been neglected and we endeavored to fill this gap".

"We focused majorly on females as no detailed studies have already been carried out on them in this respect and as due to certain restrictions, women's walkings face limitations in most places. Furthermore, the major part of the study concentrated on the subjects' daily lives".

"One of our principal objectives was to focus on the issue of the reconstruction of the neighborhoods struggling with social and physical decay. The study was carried out to better understand the social dimensions of these neighborhoods so that their social decay might be prevented," he added.

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