Iran’s opportunities for int’l research collaboration in neuroscience

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Tehran (ISNA) - Director of translational neurology institute in Münster insisted that Iranian neuroscientists had made lots of efforts in research field over the last years and now the country had good opportunities for international research collaboration in neuroscience.

I've been in different countries and I can say the current situation of neuroscience research in Iran is comparably good and also it is ok on the side of the available technique and equipment," Professor. Dr. Sven Meuth said in an exclusive interview with ISNA on the side line of the 1st International Neuroinflammation Congress and the 1st International Student Festival of Neuroscience in Mashhad, Iran.

"Sometimes development needs something more than equipment and it's about human resource, and I see scientists in Iran are very motivated and respectful so it has good potential for improvement in science," he added.

Professor sven meuth is a trained expert in neurology works at Department of Neurology combines research and patient care in a hospital in Munster in Germany.

"There is a lot of research ongoing and this is reflected by the advantages in different disorders over the last years. I think a very prime example is in neurology and you can see that over the last 10 to 15 years we have the approval of number of new substances. I think that all of the research efforts really led to more treatment options for our patients and this is why I am so dedicated into science and to research because this is the key for better treatment option for the patients in the future," he said.

"I am absolutely satisfied with the whole trip because I think people are very friendly with some good opportunity to discuss about science. I hope we will be able to develop also collaborations out of these discussions," Meuth added.

"We try to find a situation that these collaboration can be bilaterally in the future and I think the first step that you have to go if you want to go on bilateral collaboration is that you should know the people and this is why we show up with such a large group of students, post docs and myself to see and to understand what you are interested in," the Professor continued.

"We know it by rumors that Iranians are very friendly but now we know it personally and this was a good experience. And people try to show us so much and we had so culture tours which were really enjoyable and I think you get the best picture from a country and from a culture if you can visit and if you can get contact to local people, I think the congress was a great success based on the content and scientific discussion," he stated.

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