Nashtifan's ancient windmills unique in the world


Tehran (ISNA) – A French researcher asserted that among the most dominant and intelligent ancient masterpiece of Persian history, Nashtifan's ancient windmills were unique in the world.

“Made of natural clay, straw, and wood, the windmills have been milling grain for flour for an estimated 2,000 years. The vertical axis design is probably similar to the windmills that were invented by the Persians. This design was slowly spread through the world and was later adapted by the European countries,” the French researcher, Dr jean claude vouzen said in an exclusive interview with ISNA.

Nashtifan region in northeastern and Sistan in southeastern of Iran are among the heavens for millwrights for near one and half a millennium.  

“We assumed that this technology was invented in Sassanid era or earlier and the region is so well known for its wind that the name Nashtifan is derived from words that mean storm’s sting,” he stated.

"The tourism industry can be an important way to generate jobs for the youth. One of our main goals is to advertise Persian history to encourage visitors and promote technology and draw investments," the researcher continued.

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