• Wed / 9 November 2016 / 15:55
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Iran exercises prudence in JCPOA: President Rouhani

Iran exercises prudence in JCPOA: President Rouhani

TEHRNA (ISNA) –Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said the US election would not affect the Islamic Republic of Iran’s policies.

President Rouhani stated that Iran’s policies are just affected by its nation’s will and resolution, adding changes in foreign states would not influence Iran’s affairs.

He went on to say that US position has been enfeebled in international opinion due to its wrong policies, noting its detachment from eth world countries and Europe would not benefit the country.

 President underscored that Iran is following a constructive strategy with the world countries, stressing that the US can no more spread Iran phobia among states.

“Iran exercised prudence concerning the nuclear agreement as it confirmed JCPOA as a UN Security Council Resolution, not as an agreement with one government, “said the President.

He stated that nuclear deal cannot be changed by one government’s decision.

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