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Take a look at position of Mehr Damavand project in development of tourism infrastructure of northeast area of Tehran

Take a look at position of Mehr Damavand project in development of tourism infrastructure of northeast area of Tehran

Tehran (ISNA) - Nowadays, the tourism industry is considered as the most extensive service system and a major job-creating industry in the world as well as the most important axis for the development of the resistance economy in Iran.

According to the acknowledgment of UNWTO the tourism industry in Iran with its ancient civilization and history, four-season natural diversity, rich ancient heritage along with the registered works of our country in the World Heritage List, unique and diverse handicrafts, cultural and artistic capacities is at the top of the countries with a good capacity for tourism. Promoting the organizational structure of the tourism industry and entering this industry into macro-development plans will enhance investment in infrastructure and we will observe the results in a resilient economy, especially in the post-Corona virus era.

The support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism along with the support of Tehran province officials and honorable officials of northeast area of Tehran, including Mr. Seyed Ahmad Rasouli Nejad, representative of Damavand in the parliament, Dr. Mehdi Heidari, the esteemed governor of Damavand, Mr. Mehrdad Hanifi, the esteemed mayor of Roodehen, and other related officials, caused the Ayan Sazan Company, managed by the Alizadeh brothers obtained the necessary motivation to set up a multi-purpose tourism complex in Mehrabad of Roodehen. In this regard at first, numerous plans were evaluated until with the general consent of Roodehen Municipality and the support of the General Department of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Tehran and Damavand Provinces, finally the "Principled Agreement" was issued for the multi-purpose project of Mehr Damavand, which we will see observe the construction process.

Geographical location of the plan

Although the reputation of Damavand is notable, but Damavand should now be considered as a tourist bottleneck in the northeast of Tehran province and as the entrance to Mazandaran. The location of Rudehen in a strategic transit position, temperate climate and climatic diversity of the region, every year attracts a large number of tourists and immigrants from the surrounding area to this city and provides many opportunities for the tourism industry. Damavand city has 73 national works and 183 identified works and due to being located in the transit axis of the north of Tehran province, with investment and planning, it will enjoy a bright future in tourism and related industries. Proximity to Tehran, the characteristics and capacities of tourism, ancient history and civilization, and being in the transit axis of Tehran to the north promise a perfect combination of investment opportunities.

Technical justifications, investment and the necessity of plan execution

Damavand city and its suburbs including Roodehen are recognized as a special tourist area among one of the crowded cities in Tehran province, as well as the enjoyment of this region with its high nature tourism capacities arise us to take a measure to equip this region with tourism infrastructure within the framework of the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts. In order to implement the support policies of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, such as sustainable expansion of the tourism industry, also, due to the urgent need of Tehran to increase the per capita recreational and tourism areas in the dependent cities, Mehr Damavand complex pursues the realization of residential and tourist goals in Damavand as a goal.

The trend of attractive nature and tourism in the country and increasing the welfare and well-being of people living in cities, especially in Tehran province and the growth of facilities and tourism facilities in families, including increasing per capita car ownership and most importantly the tourism features of Roodehen region has made it necessary to build a tourist plan Mehr Damavand feel more in this area. Growing needs of Tehran province for recreational and leisure spaces as well as the attention of the people of Tehran to travel and leisure, especially in spaces proximity to the capital, the need to create a ground and creating new economic and job opportunities in the context of planning and developing revenues of the country's tourism sector, especially in the city of Damavand. In this regard, suitable accommodation-tourism and recreation infrastructure, strengthening the infrastructure, development of employment and local economy and introducing it to tourists and distributing the resulting income in Rudehen as direct and indirect employment are among our incentives to invest in this great project. The nature of the project of Mehr Damavand Tourism Complex is predicted in accordance with the origin of this region so that along with conservation of environmental issues in attracting human resources, indigenous forces will be used as well and the basis of our macro vision is to create a complex in Khorshan Rudehen and try to keep the tourists and taking advantage of various natural and cultural-historical capacities and strengthen the tourism facilities of Damavand and Roodehen. The ultimate goal of this project is to create a homogeneous, balanced and efficient complex in this city with a perspective on proper economic impact for investors and residents of the region. This complex is formed in the form of a balanced system, in a way that can help play the role of leisure, tourism and culture. Mehr Damavand Tourism Complex is a multi-purpose complex that in its design are established units such as accommodation and apartment hotels, handicraft markets, eco-lodges, tourism, restaurants, traditional cafeteria, garden hall and hypermarket. The objectives of this project include empowering the Roodehen region in attracting tourists, helping to turn Roodehen into a tourist destination, improving employment condition, strengthening investment infrastructure, providing opportunities for tourists to stay in a safe and healthy environment, creating a market Suitable for the supply of handicrafts, creating new bases for economic development and productive employment in the region, using the capacity of the private sector in the field of tourism development and using local and local forces and capital in the development and management of the project.

Assistance to the development of handicrafts in the region

Handicrafts as an important and influential cultural and economic area that can play an important role in supporting the introduction and sale of traditional arts in the case of marketing and marketing. The most important sales axis can be considered in creating innovation for supply and public presentation. In Mehrdmavand project, we try to create a showcase of handicrafts in Tehran and other regions of the country by creating a black tent and being creative in designing sales booths. In this regard, our effort will be to set up black nomadic tents for the sale of handicrafts and to introduce the cultural and artistic capacities of different ethnic groups. In addition to these booths, a teahouse and a traditional dining and eco-tourism canteen have also been designed.

The synergy resulting from the placement of these uses as a complex with the aim of providing a complete service package and creating accommodation facilities to define Damavand seal as a multi-purpose complex that shows a combination of design and construction of modern and eco-friendly places.

According to the above, we hope that the construction of Mehr Damavand complex has shone like a jewel in the heart of Damavand city and the result of its construction and development, the expansion of the economy and sustainable employment of the natives and the encouragement of other interested parties to invest in tourism in this important region.

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