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Any signature to return to JCPOA invalid without verification: Iran’s envoy to UN

Any signature to return to JCPOA invalid without verification: Iran’s envoy to UN

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi stressed that any signature to return to the 2015 nuclear deal is invalid without verification of the lifting of all US’ sanctions against Tehran.

In an interview with Khamenei.ir, Majid Takht Ravanchi said, “We have always had a strong logic about Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and nuclear policy. Our policy is based on a set of principles and these principles have logic. In the JCPOA, we agreed to accept a series of commitments for a specific period in exchange for lifting the sanction that were imposed illegally and cruelly against Iranian people within a period of time. But from the beginning they violated their commitments. During the Obama administration, we sent reports to the JCPOA coordinator, protesting the actions of the United States at that time against its obligations”.

“Now, they have imposed three kinds of sanctions on us. If none of this is repealed, there is no point in returning of the United States to the JCPOA,” he added.

“It is of no value to just say that I am ready to return to the JCPOA if the sanctions are not be lifted in practice. We cannot just sign an agreement. It does not make sense if the signature is not accompanied by a process for verifying the actions,” Takht Ravanchi emphasized.

He noted, “If it is announced that the embargo on Iranian oil has been lifted, there must be guarantees that there will be no problem in selling oil, and the buyer can be able to easily transfer the money to Iran through the global banking system”.

“The Europeans told us to wait and we would compensate for the withdrawal of the US. But not only did they not compensate, but they also did not fulfill their obligations under the JCPOA," the diplomat highlighted.

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