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How to rent a car in Dubai?

How to rent a car in Dubai?

Tehran (ISNA) - If you are traveling to Dubai, you may need car rental in Dubai services during your trip.

 As a result:

•         you need to know how to do it

•         What are the steps and documents you need?

•         In addition, you should know the driving rules in Dubai

There are many car rental companies in Dubai and other major cities in the UAE, and also UAE international airports. These companies like Rentkonim are now active and you can use their services. You can get your car anywhere in Dubai.

Please note that the process of renting a car varies from company to company. Most people are looking for the easiest way to rent a car. A process without hidden costs or weird required documents.

How to rent a car in Dubai? (Car rental in Dubai)

In first Step you should contact the company or book your car (two days before your required date). Depending on your needs, you can choose luxury cars or economy cars. Before choosing a car rental company, you can read the opinions of people who have already used their services.

You can rent a car with or without a driver.

Car rental with driver

You can use private tours with a driver to:

•         Visit Dubai or other cities in the UAE. For example, you can visit the Dubai’s attractions.

•         Shopping in Dubai malls

•         Take part in Festivals

The driver will be with you with a private car. This type of car rental is popular because the driver is familiar with all the attractions and roads of the city. You can also rent a car just for a driver and no tour.

Benefits of renting a car with a driver

In addition to the above when you rent a car with driver, you won’t need to provide:

•         Any documents

•         Car deposit

•         Driving ticket deposit

Here the driver is responsible for any damage to the car or driving violations.

Car rental without driver

If you love your car’s privacy and do not want to share it with a driver (you really like driving), rent a car without a driver.

What are the driving rules in Dubai?

Before renting a car in Dubai, you should know about driving rules in UAE and Dubai. Some of these rules are as follows:

•         Avoid parking your car in a parking lot for Disabled people (Unless you are one of those people)

•         You must not drive on bus or taxi lines

•         Do not change your direction suddenly and without notice

•         Observe the speed limit

•         Pay attention to (traffic lights - pedestrian walks)

If you do not follow the traffic rules, you will be fined. These fines are heavy, so be careful when driving your rental car.

Required documents for renting a car in Dubai

Documents required for renting a car in Dubai, UAE are:

•         International Driving License or local Driving License

•         Passport image

•         Visa image (If you need a visa to enter Dubai)

o        Plane ticket image

Car rental in Dubai – price

You have two ways to pick up and deliver your rental car in Dubai:

•         Pick up and deliver the car at company’s location (you don’t need to pay any transfer fee)

•         Pick up the car at your desired location, like your home, hotel, company or airport (you must pay a transfer fee)

The price of renting a car in Dubai depends on several options:

•         Type of Car

•         The duration that you want to hire the car 

In addition to this, consider the price of car transfer.

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