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Trump administration’s failure marks end of bullying, racism, lawlessness in world: President Rouhani

Trump administration’s failure marks end of bullying, racism, lawlessness in world: President Rouhani

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s President described the failure of the Trump administration in the United States as a sign of the end of bullying, racism and lawlessness in the world, and stressed that these days is not the end of a government but the failure of the policy of maximum pressure and economic terrorism against a great nation.

Speaking in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said, "this year when we approach the anniversary of the dethronement of the ousted king, we are facing an incident similar to that in another part of the world".

“On that day, the escape of that mercenary was a symbol for the scandal and the end of tyranny and foreign colonisation in Iran, and today we are seeing a unique phenomenon of the fall of another dictator in the United States, and it is not the issue of the end of a government and the beginning of a new one, but today we are witnessing a fall with shame and disgrace from the White House,” he continued.

Dr. Rouhani stated, "Our dear and patient people have resisted this great terrorist of history for the past three years, and despite the fact that they wanted to overthrow the regime in three months, they themselves were overthrown with infamy".

Referring to the failure of the Trump administration's policies of maximum pressure and economic terrorism, he said, "They wanted to ruin people's lives, but now at the end of these three years of war and violence and terrorist acts, we are witnessing the revival of our economy. We are seeing a stable state in the country's economy and people see a brighter horizon in front of their eyes”.

Enumerating the country's economic growth index in various sectors, the President added, "All these facts tell us the fact that the US policy of maximum pressure and economic terrorism is facing a definite and certain defeat".

Dr. Rouhani said, "Now, except that the designers of this policy are also being overthrown and their political life is over forever, a politically incompetent president had taken over the country, and unfortunately an idiot foreign minister and an ignorant extremist national security adviser were at his side, and he himself, who was a businessman and a gambler, was working with that mind set, and now we see the end of their time”.

"This is very important that on a day when the Iranian people are feeling victorious against this pressure and terrorism, the American people are witnessing a major setback in their social and political life. We are also seeing a major gap inside America,” he said.

The President continued, "We were saying that when a law-breaker breaks the law against the oppressed and independent nations of the world, one day the turn of the American nation will come”.

Dr. Rouhani added, "We said that but no one believed that this law-breaker would order unrest against his own people, against his own security, against the centre they know as the centre of their legislation in Congress, and provoke people against the same democracy and within the same framework they believe in”.

The President continued, "It became clear that the path of breaking the law, the path of violating obligations and the path of violating international regulations is neither in the interest of the nations nor in the interests of the American people. The American people themselves witnessed what damage this person did, the American prestige in the world takes many years to return to the day before Trump. It takes years for the global trust to return to the United States, and it was a huge loss that the American people are feeling and witnessing these days”.

In another part of his speech, referring to the efforts of anti-Iranian media abroad, the President said, "Instead of narrating the oppression and crimes of the United States, these media seek to ignore all these oppressions and pressures and constantly cover up the crimes of the United States, saying that Iran's management is weak”.

Stating that the performances in 2016 and 2020 should be put together as a criterion, Dr. Rouhani added, "In both of these periods, the managers of this government have run the country with morality, experience and ability, any difference between 2016 and 2020 is related to America’s crime and terrorism and the wrong and misplaced economic pressures of the country”.

Emphasizing the failure of maximum pressure and US sanctions against the Iranian nation over the past three years, the President said, "Of course, maximum sanctions and pressure imposed a lot of pressure and suffering on the Iranian nation during these years, but our nation stood and resisted”.

Dr. Rouhani stated that he is confident that resistance has a clear end and that people will see the result of this patience in the coming months, adding, "Any policy that the next US administration believes in, they know very well that the policy of maximum pressure has failed 100% and it is not possible to continue on this path, and Trump at least knew very well that he would not succeed in the way he had taken”.

Pointing out that the patience of the people, the wisdom of the Supreme Leader, the efforts of the government and the cooperation and support of other branches have led us to this conclusion, the President added, "Our enemies thought that three months after maximum pressure, the Iranian system would be gone, but they would not believe that three years later, they themselves would be overthrown and mark the tragic end of their political life”.

Referring to the achievements in the fight against coronavirus, Dr. Rouhani continued, "People's cooperation in observing health protocols and their resistance to problems and the efforts and sacrifices of the medical staff have made us better today in terms of fighting COVID-19”.

“Regarding the procurement and production of safe vaccines, the government is doing its best to vaccinate people as soon as possible according to the set priorities,” said Rouhani.

In another part of his speech, referring to the review of the year 1400 budget bill in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the President stressed the need for cooperation between the government and the parliament on this important bill for a better future for people and added, "The budget bill is not an ordinary legislative bill, but mostly executive, which has been spoken about in a special tone in the constitution”.

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