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Car rental in Turkey; conditions and services | Rentkonim

Car rental in Turkey; conditions and services | Rentkonim

Tehran (ISNA) - If you have ever traveled to Turkey and encountered transportation problems, then we recommend you to follow this article to the end.

We have easily solved your problem with an easy way; car rental in Turkey in a new way. Since Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran, car rental in this country is of special importance.

You must have noticed the high cost of transportation in this country on your first trip to Turkey. In addition to the cost issue, traveling to specific and new places in Turkey by public transport is very difficult and tedious; therefore, car rental in Turkey for intercity and intercity travel can be a much better option.

For this reason, most trips to Turkey end up in repetitive destinations such as Istanbul, Antalya, etc..; this is while Turkey, being in a privileged geographical position, has very beautiful nature and roads, and driving and spending leisure time in these places is another grace.

Why car rental in Turkey is the best option for you?

Car rental in Turkey for intercity and long-distance travel can be a great option; For example, in a city like Istanbul, the cost of a taxi from the airport to the hotel at regular distances is about 100 to 150 lire. For the same cost or less, you can have a full day of your personal car.

In intercity travel, due to the price of air and land tickets, car rental will be cheaper and more importantly, because you will have more options in choosing a destination or stops between the way, so with ease and enjoy your sightseeing.

How to rent a car in Turkey?

Rentkonim as one of the pioneers of car rental in Iran, Turkey and Dubai by launching and expanding the car reservation system, has provided conditions for all customers from around the world to be able to book their requested car in person fast and easy.

We are ready to provide services in all important cities of Turkey and with 24-hour customer support.

Car rental through the web site is very easy and it is enough to your desired location, date and time, book and register your rental car online without the need for any: collateral, deposit, bank guarantee and paper document, completely online.

The important thing that can make your trip more enjoyable in this regard is that you can deliver the car you want to the company's offices in any city in Turkey. This will help you to travel to several cities if you wish and not worry about car delivery in the first city.

Documents required for renting a car from Rentkonim

•         A photo of your Passport

•         A photo of your driving license (International or local)

•         A photo of your flight ticket

Driving laws in Turkey

Before renting a Turkish car, you should know the driving rules in Turkey. Failure to comply with Turkish law will result in heavy fines. Traffic laws in Turkey include the following:

•         The minimum speed limit in Turkey is 50 kilometers per hour.

•         The minimum age for renting a car in Turkey is 21 years.

•         You should carry your license and car insurance.

Are rental cars covered by insurance?

All cars have body and theft insurance and you can calmly and without any worries, just think about your trip and with 24-hour support, you do not have any worries about possible problems. If you wish, you can also include minor damage insurance for your reservation.

What to do if the car breaks down in the middle of the road?

If your car breaks down for any reason, all you have to do is call Rentkonim support and state your exact location; In less than two hours, the new car will be delivered to you and the defective car will be delivered to you. This service does not include additional costs and is considered as a car rental service.

Van rental in Turkey

You can experience group travel by renting a van in Turkey. All vans in Turkey are rented without a driver. Driverless van rental in Turkey is provided at a reasonable price and with a capacity of 9 people.

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