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Application of artificial intelligence technology in music

Application of artificial intelligence technology in music

Tehran (ISNA) - Bijan Norouz startup group put the use of artificial intelligence in music on the agenda to take a step forward in solving the challenges and complexities of this technology in the development of scientific music with this technology.

In an interview with ISNA, Bijan Norouz, the project manager, said that everyone believes that the music industry is progressing slowly. In my view, the music industry is like a canary in the coal mine when it comes to emerging technologies and consumer trends, due to its generality and popularity.

He continued: With the invention of the internet, the music industry was one of the first industries to be disrupted with the arrival of online distribution. Now, you can access all kinds of music via streaming, online downloads, music apps, and user-generated platforms

He confirmed that music has always been at the cutting edge and it had always been the same story until today. As he mentioned: However, whenever the music industry has been able to appreciate and license a new technology that is a better experience for consumers, it has done well. For instance, in the late 1990s, the major music labels failed to make their content available online in order to preserve the world of CDs.

As a researcher in the field of music he mentioned: Unfortunately, illegal file-sharing became extremely popular with a core demographic because, frankly, the illegal user’s experience was better, allowing unlimited choice and access. On the other hand, the music industry’s efforts to hold back such a tide hadn’t been so satisfying.

Sometimes I see glimpses of the past in the response of the industry to artificial intelligence and music. It’s all part of a continuum. The music industry is constantly evolving and in this regard, it is necessary to adapt to the habits and needs of its customers.

The executor of the project stated that today the consumption habits of listeners have changed dramatically and are continuing to change. He also mentioned that if you look at radio, the proportion of people listening to radio stations hasn’t changed. Yet, there are a significant proportion of people who listen to radio and podcasts as well as audiobooks. All of this content is consumed when listeners are often performing another task – which means grasping the attention of your listeners is hard. It is now an engagement economy rather than a consumption economy.

He emphasized that: All the effective factors in online streaming services will need to be merged to create a contextual experience. I help to join the dots of value for emerging start-ups and turn cool technology into solutions. Technology in itself is useless, but when it provides a solution it creates a whole new paradigm in society.

Norouz considered this method as a ground for creating advantages, opportunities, new occupations, and models and continued: Those are the things that I try to bring to bear at Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music Co.

I also seek to provide a bridge with other music tech ecosystems such as those at Future and Emerging Music Technologies (FEMT) and Future and Emerging Music (FEM) and with my work with the music charity sector.

The researcher mentioned the use of artificial intelligence in music as one of the new scientific proceedings of the company and noted: I was drawn to Artificial Intelligence Music because I was drawn to how modular and multilateral the technology was. There are some very ear-catching elements to how it works, but once you look past that you can see all the different problems that it solves across so many different applications, it’s fascinating.

He confirmed that: I’m really interested in working out what those problems are and how Artificial Intelligence Music can solve them.

He added: Aside from the joys of the technology, the greatest pleasure is working with the team. They are brave and thoughtful, rather than just having innovative technology, they seek to solve a significant number of problems the industry has right now.

According to him, the innovative teams give people the power to play with music; to make it contextual, to provide personalized experiences, to transform music from static to dynamic and to democratize music. Their tech is the future of music.

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