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Hamidi-Moqaddam: Theatrical justice best achievement of Cinema Verite

Hamidi-Moqaddam: Theatrical justice best achievement of Cinema Verite

Tehran (ISNA) - Director of the 14th Iran International Documentary Film Festival known as “Cinema Verite” said the theatrical justice was of the greatest achievements of this edition of the event which was wrapped up on Dec 23, 2020.

Talking to IRIB News channel, Mohammad Hamidi-Moqaddam underlined that following the outbreak of Coronavirus all over the world, most festivals were either cancelled to postpone under further notice.  

After holding talks with officials at the Development of Documentary and Experimental Cinema, as the custodian of this event, we discussed holding the festival in online format.

He added that after the deadline for submitting the work to the secretariat, over 894 films were reached to the secretariat of the festival, which shocked, then we became determined to  hold the 14th edition of the festival with strong power.

Commenting on the festival's workshop, he said some 300 - 500 students took part in the workshops on the daily basis in the two-hour workshops, which is a high number for documentary cinema. At the same time, our audience followed the programs on different platforms and systems, and all the statistics should be aggregated. The celebration and the wedding had 500 regular viewers, which is why I say we have increased the audience.

"I think documentary cinema enjoys vast potential in Iran," he said.

Referring to the lack of historical, scientific, sports and political cinematic productions, he said: "The general view of documentaries in Iran is social."

"I have asked my colleagues to pave the way for producing new works in the fields of wildlife, sports as well as historical films," he said.

He concluded by saying that the documentary cinema is important for the country. This cinema needs support.

The closing ceremony of the 14th edition of the Iran International Documentary Film Festival held in Tehran on Dec 23, 2020 totally online utilizing several national platforms including Tiva, Hashour Film News, Aparat as well as instagram.com/irandocfest. This event was inaugurated in Tehran on Dec 15.

The festival has several sections, including the National, International, and Martyr Avini Prize, Entrepreneurship Documentary Competition, Coronavirus Special Section, Side Sections, and commemorations.

In the meantime, several expert workshops and master talks, as well as masterclasses, were also held on the sideline of the international event.

In the meantime, the "53 Coup" documentary has been chosen as the most popular film of the festival.

The film depicts the 1953 Iranian coup d'état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d'état.

At the closing ceremony of the festival, Head of Cinema Organization of Iran Hossein Entezami appreciated all filmmakers, who attended the 14th edition of Iran's Cinema Verite, for having confidence in online screening due to the pandemic.

Organizing virtual festival due to the pandemic was a serious risk taken by those who were in charge of holding Cinema Verite fest; they took the risk to not let the light of festivals be turned off, Entezami noted.  

He highlighted the key role of festivals in identifying skills and capabilities.

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