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Khatibzadeh gives details of meetings with German, French envoys

Khatibzadeh gives details of meetings with German, French envoys

Tehran (ISNA) - The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided more details of the subjects that ambassadors of Germany and France were reminded about when they were summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Sunday over Berlin and Paris’ statements on the execution of an Iranian convict.

Asked by reporters about what happened after the German and French ambassadors to Tehran were summoned earlier in the day, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh said, “As announced earlier, the ambassador of Germany, in its capacity as the rotating president of the (European) Union and also in its national capacity, as well as the ambassador of France were summoned by the director general for European affairs at the Foreign Ministry this afternoon following the interventionist statements issued (by Germany and France),” Khatibzadeh said.

“At the meetings, the Foreign Ministry’s director general for European affairs notified the ambassadors of Iran’s strong and explicit protest against the statements of the European Union and the two European countries in support of the notorious terrorist element and the financial and spiritual support from certain European countries for terrorist elements and groups, who have clearly committed criminal security acts against the Iranian nation in cooperation with the Western and the Zionist regime’s espionage services and have explicitly confessed to them,” the spokesperson added.

“In these two meetings, the Foreign Ministry’s director general for European affairs asked the German and French ambassadors according to which standard are incendiary bomb-making training, plots for street clashes, cooperation with the foreign governments and intelligence services with the purpose of toppling the political structure of Iran, and aiding and abetting the armed criminal activities called journalism? Or under which definition does a journalist become monitored and protected by and cooperate with the internal security agency of France and in close contact with Mossad, begin to extensively collect sensitive national information, including the military information, and provide them to the intelligence services of certain countries?” he added.

“As an instance, although the French officials were mindful of the anti-Iran activities and moves of Rouhollah Zam, the French Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson had confirmed earlier that he (Zam) had enjoyed full freedom to carry out his moves,” Khatibzadeh added.

“It’s a great shame that some European countries have turned into a safe haven for terrorists for years, from Munafeqin (Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization) grouplet to Al-Ahwaziya criminals,” he deplored.

“A number of the main elements of grouplets like Tondar, who masterminded and guided a bombing operation at the Sayyid al-Shuhada Hussainiya (mosque) in Shiraz in 2008 and had plans to carry out other major operations in other parts of Iran, but fortunately failed to do so with Iran’s intelligence dominance, had been granted citizenship by the very same European countries,” the spokesman noted.

“It is a historic tragedy that Europe has categorized terrorism as good and bad according to its interests and uses it selectively for its own purposes. Such vicious cycle of hate speech, violence and terrorism is a legacy of the same anti-human approach,” he added.

“The more bitter irony is that a country that secretly awards Légion d'honneur (the Legion of Honour) to a dictator who has launched a coup, has suppressed numerous people in demonstrations and has imprisoned them in dungeon or executed them, is shamelessly talking about democracy and human rights. The countries that have exposed a nation to famine, conditions of a humanitarian catastrophe and massacre through unquestionable support for the aggressors against Yemeni soil for years and with the destructive arms lucrative trade, have no right to play the role of advocates of human beings,” Khatibzadeh stated.

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