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Car rental in Iran; different services, conditions

Car rental in Iran; different services, conditions

Tehran (ISNA) - Car rental is one of the most essential services that almost every tourist who travels to Iran needs it.

Most of the people who have traveled to Iran believe that, after visa, flight ticket, and hotel, car rental in Iran is the service you must search for.

There are few car rentals in Iran company that you can trust. Rentkonim as one of the biggest car rental companies in Iran is honored to introduce you to the different car rental services that they offer in Iran.

Car rental in Iran services

You can use many car rental services that different companies offer to you. In the continuation, we are going to talk about most car hire Iran services.

Car rental in Iran without a driver

Car rental without a driver in Iran is the most popular service that tourists look for. Car rental in Iran without a driver is a great option if you want to visit many cities in Iran. With this service, they can also visit the villages and the attractions that are located between the cities and out of them. This is a chance that you will lose if you use other transportation ways like train or buses.

Also, if you want to sit in one city, still car rental without a driver is a great option for you. So, you can explore the cities of Iran and their extraordinary attractions anis sightseeing and you don’t have to use the crowded public transportation ways like subways and buses and you will save a lot of money and time.

Car rental in Iran with a driver

Car rental in Iran with a driver is also a useful service that may help you too. This service is suitable for people who travel to Iran for a business meeting or attending conferences and exhibitions. So, they are so busy and want to arrive at their destination with peace of mind. Car rental with driver can make it easy for them.

Also, for private tours, car rental with driver is a great option, because you can completely enjoy your trip and travel with a skilled driver-guide who knows all the ways and also can take you to visit the unique attractions and places and you won’t find them by yourself.

Another usage of these services is for airport transfer. With this service, we take you from the airport to your hotel or any other place that you want to stay in the city at any time of the day or night. Also, we can get to the airport from any place in the city. With this service, you can travel safely and also save money because the taxis at the airport are so expensive and doesn’t worth it at all.

In airport transfer service, our driver will wait for you at the airport with a paper that your name is written on it, so you won’t get lost at the airport and can easily arrive at your airport and take a rest. Then you can get ready for an unforgettable trip to Iran and its beautiful cities.

Van rental in Iran

Van rental in Iran is the most suitable service for group tours in Iran. So, if you are planning to travel to Iran with a group of your family and friends, you should choose this service with no doubt. With van rental with a driver, you can travel between the cities of Iran and have a lot of fun with your friends. And you will be sure that you will arrive at your desired destination safely and have a skilled driver-guide to show you the best places to visit.

Required documents for car rental in Iran

For car rental in Iran, the companies need some required documents that we have listed below:

•           A copy of your passport

•           A copy of your flight ticket

•           A copy of your visa to Iran

•           A valid driver licenses

How to rent a car in Iran?

If you want to rent a car in Iran, you should reserve your car a few days before your trip. You can contact the car rental companies via call, email or you can reserve your desired car via the online reservation system that companies like Rentkonim offer to you.

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