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Care should not be neglected in hope of vaccination: President Rouhani

Care should not be neglected in hope of vaccination: President Rouhani

Tehran (ISNA) - Appreciating people for strict observance of health protocols, Iranian President emphasized that with the implementation of the resolutions and people’s observance, the number of cities with red status around the country has decreased from about 160 to 64 cities and people should know that adhering to health protocols reduces restrictions and less adherence increases the restrictions”.

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani stated that now we have 7 cities in severe red status for which immediate action must be taken, adding, "Tehran is in orange status but on the border line and all people and the executive agencies should try to implement the instructions and regulations well”.

"Care should not be neglected in the hope of vaccination," the president said, adding that the number of tests needed to be developed for the disease has increased to 100,000 a day.

Referring to the holding of the forty-seventh meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, he said, "This task force has so far had 420 resolutions to deal with coronavirus, which have been announced to 35 executive bodies and according to reports, 85% of executive resolutions have been implemented and operational, and fortunately, with the people’s cooperation, we are witnessing the positive effects of the resolutions”.

Dr. Rouhani stressed the need to comply with health protocols, as well as to avoid unnecessary travel, and said, "As long as people feel that the disease is still dangerous and contagious, they should fully comply with the protocols along with family and relatives”.

The president said the death toll had risen to about 500 a day before the new restrictions were imposed, saying, "Estimates also showed worse conditions, but fortunately with the severe restrictions, we have seen a significant drop in deaths in the past two weeks".

Dr. Rouhani added, "We are witnessing this situation in Europe today, which has intensified the crisis in these countries with the reduction of restrictions and the resumption of gatherings and traffic, so it is necessary to observe health protocols, physical distance and avoid unnecessary traffic”.

The President further emphasized on increasing the number of tests to identify patients and diagnose the disease, and said, "With the efforts made, the number of tests performed per day has reached 100,000 and the diagnosis has been greatly improved".

Emphasizing that the patients must fully observe the quarantine period, Dr. Rouhani said, "Those who violate the quarantine period must be dealt with decisively”.

The President went on to thank all those who worked to implement the resolutions of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus and to impose restrictions, including the Ministries of Health and Interior, Coronavirus Operational Headquarters, specialised committees, the Police and the Basij, and unions and guilds.

In the end, Dr. Rouhani said, "I hope we all help to get rid of this virus, which has caused problems for all people, as soon as possible, by reducing the number of deaths and hospitalizations of patients and also helping the medical staff".

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