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Iran’s envoy criticizes US unilateral sanctions on Tehran amid coronavirus pandemic

Iran’s envoy criticizes US unilateral sanctions on Tehran amid coronavirus pandemic

Tehran (ISNA) -Ambassador and permanent representative of Iran to the International Organizations in Vienna, Kazem Gharibabadi slammed US unilateral sanctions against Iran and some other developing countries as well as their negative effects on the measures taken by these countries to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Gharibabadi made the remarks in an address to the 48th session of the UNIDO Industrial Development Board via video conference.

Noting that multilateralism has to be preserved as a value for industrialization, he said that there is still a long way forward to sustainable growth and creating a healthier world with more welfare for the citizens.   

“Dealing with coronavirus pandemic requires a comprehensive, coordinated, and comprehensive multilateral response to support poor countries and to enable them to take more effective comprehensive measures,” Gharibabadi stated.

The Iranian envoy expressed Iran’s serious concern about the consequences of the pandemic on developing countries.

Stressing that curbing coronavirus pandemic requires global cooperation and unity, Gharibabadi said, “The imposition of unilateral sanctions against countries amid the pandemic is a blatant violation of the goals and principles of the UN Charter, international law, international humanitarian law, and the principles of multilateralism, norms of diplomacy and international relations”.

He called the fight against the pandemic as a global fight.

At the end, Gharibabadi expressed concern over the short-term and long-term consequences of the coronavirus disease on the developing countries, urging UNIDO to make use of its capacities to help the production and equitable distribution of a vaccine for the disease.

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