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Rose petal; a magical scented medicine for skin health

Rose petal; a magical scented medicine for skin health

Tehran (ISNA) - We smell the roses, watch their beauty, and add these hilarious flowers to our home. The scent of this flower makes us feel more relaxed, and the colorful petals fill our home with joy and happiness.

But did you know that we can gain more from the petals of this beautiful flower? Rose buds and rose petals come with plenty of potential health benefits. Let’s see what we can do with these eye-catching flower petals.

Rose petal uses

Add rose petal to your tea

Although it’s more common to add rose buds to tea, rose petals can also make the tea more enjoyable and aromatic. No matter if you are using the dried rose petals or fresh ones, you can add a couple of them to the boiling water in the teacup. Let it stay for a couple of minutes, and then drink the tea. Roses are edible and may taste semi-sweet. However, some people only use it to add flavor and scent to their tea. But you should know that it is not toxic to eat the petals too. Moreover, rose petals have vitamin C and antioxidants. Therefore, infusing them into boiling water will add all these benefits to the drink.

Use it for decorating

You might have felt the presence of roses in different ceremonies. The scent of the roses is one of the first things that you may feel while entering a wedding ceremony. Roses are inseparable parts of a wedding or any other celebrations. Rose petals are used to decorate the salons by pouring on the tables or tracing the bride and groom’s trace. In the confectionery’s, they use rose petals to decorate the cakes to give them the color of love and happiness. Therefore, these petals are so useful for wedding planners.

Soothe your sore throat

Rose petals are antiviral and antibacterial. In the past, most people used these petals to relieve pain or a sore throat. A mixture of honey, warm water, and one or two rose petals may act as a medicine. However, remember to not depend on this remedy to cure your cold or any illness you may have. It’s always better to see a doctor in case you feel sick.

Some people also used rose petals to prevent any cut on their bodies to become infected. Therefore, if you had a small cut on your hand, cover it with one of two rose petals to prevent inflammation. The petals may soothe the pain and help the body heal.

Where to find the fresh rose petals

Roses are mostly native to Asia. However, they are found all around the world, some countries have the most popular roses that even export them to other lands. The pink roses are the national flower in Iran. There are different companies in Iran, such as Ratinkhosh, which is mostly known as one of the best pistachio suppliers in Iran, that plant these roses. They pack the fresh and dried rose petals and rosebuds and export wholesale edible rose petals and rose buds to other countries. Since these roses are so unique and can’t be found in any other place, these buds have many fans and customers in different markets.

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