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Palestine; main issue of International Resistance Filmfest

Palestine; main issue of International Resistance Filmfest

Tehran (ISNA) - In the "Festivals Festival" section of 16th International Resistance Film Festival, there was a section dedicated to reviewing movies produced over the past 40 years on the Islamic Revolution.

Due to the normalization of ties among the Zionist regime of Israel and some certain Arab countries, the 16th edition of the festival plays due attention to the issue of Palestine.

“The Survivor”, by late Iranian director Seifollah Daad’s 1995 drama on the Palestine issue, was named best film at the Resistance International Film Festival.

The films including “The Glass Agency” by Ebrahim Hatamikia, “From Karkheh to Rhein” by Ebrahim Hatamikia, “Standing in the Dust” by Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian, “The Survivor” by Seifollah Dad, “The Guardian” by Ebrahim Hatamikia, “The_Fateful Day” by Shahram Assadi, “Journey to Chazabeh” by Rasoul Molaqolipour, “Track 123” by Narges Abyar, “The Earth Child” by Mohhamd Ali Basheh Ahanar, 'Villa Dwellers' by Monir Gheydi, “Kimia” by Ahmad-Reza Darvish, “Hoor on Fire” by Azizollah Hamidnejad competed in this section of the festival.

One of the main characteristics of Survivor was the resistance against the Zionist regime, social relations and friendship.

This film also portrayed the love and devotion to homeland.

Dr. Saeid, his wife (Latifeh), and their infant (Farhan) were living in Haifa in 1948. Dr. Saeid saw Shamoon, his Jewish childhood neighbor and playmate, while Shamoon tried to bomb in a train and he informed police about incidence. Shamoon who empowered in Haifa decided to revenge on Dr. Saeid by trying to make him to leave the city. Dr. Saeid’s defied Shamoon but his Mother (Safieh) came to Haifa to persuade him to leave the city.

Lastly, Dr. Saeid persuaded to leave the city with his family, but at their last day in Haifa, Israeli forces invade the city and Dr. Saeid and his wife were killed. Farhan, who was the only survivor, remained alone in their home for three days. A Jewish family settled in their home and undertook Farhan’s guardian. Safieh entered to the house as the nanny to release survivor from the Jewish family. Although she did not deny her descent, she used a fake identity and denounced Farhan's parents to leave him alone in the home and evade for their life. Safieh’s husband who was involving armed fight against Israeli forces, planned to bomb in a train carried mostly Jewish people and troops. Safieh consented to help them by carrying the luggage containing bombs in board. Shamoon, Farhan and his Jewish guardians were among passengers. As soon as Safieh real identity revealed, Safieh leaped from train to ground. Although she injured critically the survivor remained healthy. At last scene, explosion Flash was visible while Safieh whispered Quran and hugged the survivor.

Presided by Mahdi Azimi Mirabadi, the second section of the festival will be held from 21-27 November 2020.

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