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Pistachio Paste; organic, good-looking ingredient for pastries

Pistachio Paste; organic, good-looking ingredient for pastries

Tehran (ISNA) - Pistachio is the most expensive nut in the market. It is so healthy and beneficial to the body. Several products are made from these healthy and delicious kernels that carry all the benefits pistachios have. Among them, pistachio paste is very popular, especially in the confectionery industry.

Pistachio paste, like its name indicates, is a paste made by pistachio kernels. However, the process of making this product is almost similar to pistachio butter, there are differences between them that set them apart. Let’s see what pistachio paste is, learn more about its uses and tips to buy pistachio paste.

What is pistachio paste?

Pistachio paste is produced during a process of peeling and then blending pistachio kernels. Although most people can do the same at home and make a homemade pistachio paste, to have a high-quality product, it’s best to buy it from well-known companies, which use the best types of pistachios to make this product. When you purchase pistachio paste in the market, you may notice the green color of this product. That’s the main difference between the homemade pistachio paste and the products of companies. However, based on the type of pistachio used to make this product, the color may differ from being green to brown.

Generally, the green color of pistachio paste makes it so special for pastries or any other cooking industry. Because the color will give an extraordinary look to the cakes, ice creams, and any other sweets or foods that are made by this product. Some companies may add artificial color to their products to make it look greener. But the best products are for the companies that produce it with their fresh and natural pistachio kernels, such as Ratinkhosh, which is one of the best pistachio suppliers in Iran. They usually call it the pure pistachio paste.

This company provides a pistachio paste that is made of Iranian pistachios, which is the best type of pistachio in the world. Additionally, this product doesn't have any additives, such as artificial color or preserving chemicals.

What is pistachio paste used for?

Pistachio paste has many uses. It is mostly used to make different types of cakes, pistachio ice cream, even pistachio macarons. Pistachio paste is usually useful in pastries as a flavoring for mousses or buttercreams or as a filling for chocolate.

How to store pistachio paste?

Pistachio paste is a dry product. The companies sell this product in an airtight container. The consumers should always keep the container closed to prevent it from spoiling. Moreover, it should be kept in a cool place. Commonly, this type of product is stored in the refrigerator and is consumable for up to a year. Furthermore, pistachio paste can even be usable after its expiration date in case of freezing. That would be a great alternative for people who don’t use this product frequently. They can keep it in the freezer and bring it to room temperature before using it.

Tips on buying pistachio paste

Pistachio paste is either green or brown. The color should be natural. So, check the ingredients for any artificial colors. Moreover, this product has a higher level of quality if it is 100% pure. It means there are no additives, such as sweetener, or any chemicals to make it last longer. Although pistachio paste commonly has a long shelf life, check the expiration date. If it’s possible, check the color of the product. Any discolorations may indicate the product has gone wasted. It’s always better to buy this product from companies with good reputations. The brands that sell fresh nuts commonly produce better nut-related products.

Bottom Line

The products that are made by pistachios are so popular because they hold the benefits, taste, and aroma of this expensive and luxurious nut, and can be added to different recipes to make cakes, sweets, or other delicious cuisines. Pistachio paste is a natural and healthy ingredient that is so useful in the confectionery or pastry industries. It not only can add the creamy and nutty flavor of pistachios to various recipes but also have a distinctive color that makes them more eye-catching. Generally, the suppliers of pistachios, which are mostly located in Iran due to being the origin of this nut, can produce the pistachio paste with the high-quality.

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