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Find the best pistachio suppliers in Iran

Find the best pistachio suppliers in Iran

Tehran (ISNA) - Pistachios are the most expensive nuts in the world, which carry lots of health benefits. Since this nut can be easily added to different diets, such as vegan or vegetarian diets, pistachios have many fans.

However, this nut can’t grow in all places and need special weather and soil conditions. That’s why there are a few countries that can plant the best quality pistachios and are known as the number ones. Iran is one of the first three countries that grow the best pistachios around the world. Iran is also the second country that produces and exports pistachios.  Iranian pistachios are so popular and well-known in the whole world.

Iranian pistachios have exceptional quality, shape, and taste. That's why most of the wholesale pistachio buyers around the world search for Iranian pistachio suppliers to buy pistachios in-bulk.

What do Iranian pistachio suppliers mostly offer?

First, if you still don’t know why Iranian pistachios are so popular, we give a brief introduction to this nut. Iran is one of the countries that have the best nuts. Among them, pistachios are so popular because it can be hardly found in any country. If so, you can be sure that it doesn’t have the same quality. That’s because Iranian pistachios grow in the Rafsanjan region in Kerman province, where is the best area to plant this special nut. The air and the soil of this area are suitable to plant the most expensive nut in the world.

Additionally, you can’t find just one type of pistachio in Iran because this country has a variety of pistachios. That’s another point for Iranian pistachio suppliers. They can offer you different types of pistachios, with long or round shapes to small or large kernels. Each pistachio type has a name. For example, long pistachios are called Ahmad Aghaei pistachios. They are the most common pistachios in Iran, which have long shape, large kernels, and light red color. Akbari is the largest Iranian pistachio, and Fandoghi is the smallest with a round shape.

All the pistachios have the same health benefits. They are rich in protein, full of healthy fats, high in fiber, and vitamins. However, it’s clear that the bigger the kernel is, the higher protein, fats, fiber, and vitamins it contains. Therefore, we can claim that Iranian pistachios are much healthier than the pistachios from other countries.

Moreover, all types of Iranian pistachios have natural color and smell. Nothing is added to this nut to make it more delicious or change its color. The Iranian pistachio suppliers claim that unlike other countries that dye or bleach the nuts to hide the discoloration that occurs during the process of harvesting, they have a natural color without any dye or bleach. This means that Iranian pistachios are in perfect condition. Being naturally open, having the most delicious taste, and coming in different varieties make this nut very popular around the world.

Due to the ideal conditions these nuts grow in, and the high amount of unsaturated fat, Iranian pistachios can be roasted in higher degrees (up to 180 degrees which is rare among other pistachios). The higher temperature not only can make this nut tastier but also may eliminate any live bacteria some raw nuts contain. Iranian pistachio suppliers provide shelled, in-shell, roasted, and raw pistachios. Raw and shelled pistachios are more popular among consumers and wholesalers. Roasted and in-shell pistachios also have their customers because they are tastier and more enjoyable to eat.

Since pistachios are dry, you can keep them as long as you want. However, this nut needs a special condition, dry and cool warehouse is the best option.

How to buy wholesales Iranian pistachios?

Like most wholesale pistachio buyers, you may search for the best Iranian pistachio suppliers to buy wholesale Iranian pistachios. It’s not difficult to find the best pistachio suppliers in Iran. Iran Pistachio Association is where you can find the names of the best Iranian pistachio suppliers, or check the website of Ratinkhosh, which is one of the top pistachio suppliers in Iran, and ask for the price of different types of pistachios.

Iranian pistachio suppliers, such as Ratinkhosh, can offer the best quality pistachios in different types of packing based on the customers’ desire.

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