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Cinema shoulders heavy burden for displaying real face of resistance movement

Cinema shoulders heavy burden for displaying real face of resistance movement

Tehran (ISNA) - Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi said the martyrdom of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani is a special issue for the last year in the world.

Hashemi said the media could play a key role in portraying the oppression of this resistance movement's figure all around the world. She added that the mass media, the cinema, in particular, shoulder a heavy burden in portraying the dimensions of the resistance movement in the world.

"Of course, we have produced several works in this field so far, especially on the subject of the war against Daesh terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, but it is not enough," she said. "The Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as the center of the resistance front and the whole world is watching us to see what is happening on the resistance line," Press TV journalist said. She also stressed the need for producing the documentary, short films, feature movies to portray the real face of the resistance movement. Hashemi underscored that the US is utilizing its cinema as a tool for uttering its policies.

Commenting on the Vietnam war or other wars which the US has been behind, she said:" Washington has produced several films about such subjects and it is quite interesting that the US is shown in these movies as if the US was right. "

She noted that the Resistance International Film Festival is a venue for showcasing the resistance front's works and creating a trend in the mass media atmosphere.

"I think the Resistance International Film Festival is playing a useful role in creating trends. For instance, the section which is about General Soleimani is very effective," the Press TV journalist said.

She also underscored that the Resistance International Film Festival is very influential on public opinion, adding that a proper connection should be formed between cinema and social networks.

Hashemi added that social networks are very useful in sharing the news.

So far 3,۹۱۴ works have been submitted to the 16th Resistance International Film Festival’s secretariat. According to the festival’s Public Relations and Information Centre, so far 3, 914 works including works are in "Health Defenders," 2,516 in "Main Competition," 324 in "Resistance Prominent Martyr", and 151 "Narrations of Pen” has been sent to the event. The week-long first section of the festival comprising "Health Defenders" and "festival was wrapped up on Sept 27 and the second round is slated to mark the Basij week (November 21–27).

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