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Iran urges int’l community to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for nuclear activities

Iran urges int’l community to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for nuclear activities

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran's representative at the First Committee of United Nations General Assembly, Heidar Ali Balouji in response to Saudi envoy's claims against Tehran urged the international community to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its hidden nuclear activities.

Rejecting baseless claims made by the Saudi envoy against Iran, Balouji said, “It is a regret to see this degree of hostility from countries like Saudi Arabia while Iran has persistently offered to them its concert peace proposals to secure stability in our region”.

Here is the full text of Balouji’s remarks:

I would like to take the floor to exercise my right of reply against some baseless allegations that the Ambassador of the Saudi Arabia mentioned about my country and we categorically reject them.

It is a regret to see this degree of hostility from countries like SAK while Iran has persistently offered to them its concert peace proposals to secure stability in our region. However, they have not accepted these calls for peace and instead they have continued to deepen their failed policy of either military solutions or begging others to confront Iran in addition to their ill attempts to vilify Iran.

Iran’s nuclear activities are totally transparent and we are fully cooperating with the IAEA and the latest reports and statements of the Director General of the IAEA have explicitly affirmed Iran’s cooperation. The IAEA DG calls the recent agreement between Iran and IAEA as a shining moment of diplomacy.

I should remind the said delegation that it is only the IAEA that is the competent authority to evaluate the activities of the Member States not the countries like SAK whose ill intention about Iran does never allow them to hear or see the true facts.

We are sure that if the issues are to be discussed in a fair manner, there are lot of issues that Saudis must clarify. Just in the context of nuclear activities, I would like to give an example and to put on record the concerns of my delegation over the lack of implementation of the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement in full by Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is not implementing the CSA completely, and unless it rescinds its current Small Quantity Program, as was requested many times by the IAEA, it is not providing the IAEA with enough verification authorities. A failure to implement the IAEA’s safeguards at a time when Saudi nuclear capabilities appear to launching an ambitious program could allow the Saudis to hide certain nuclear activities without them being subject to IAEA inspections.

Concerns about the leaked nuclear activities of KSA to the media, and identifying covert nuclear sites in the desert, need a broad support for the collective international efforts to hold the Saudis responsible for their behavior. Uniform rather than select enforcement of safeguards norms and rules will benefit the international community in the long-run.

Therefore, the international community should call upon Riyadh to immediately bring into force the CSA in full. Halting nuclear assistance to Saudi Arabia is the only way that can alleviate these concerns. This lack of transparency in SAK activities, surely will undercut the whole safeguards regime.

Second RoR:

Exactly based on the IEA

Against the backdrop of the catastrophic human cost of Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen’s civil war, the Saudis have continued to participate in, fund, and direct a coalition force in support of one side in the Yemeni civil war and it is a matter of regret that the Representative of Yemen instead of recognizing the real and actual destroyer of their country and compel it to stop destructing their country and be responsible , blames Iran.  Year after year, the bombs fell — on wedding tents, funeral halls, fishing boats and a school bus, killing thousands of civilians. By doing so, the Saudis have directly contributed to one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history, including the purposeful starvation of innocent Yemeni civilians and the direct killing of thousands of others. People are struggling to survive, severe outbreaks of COVID‑19, cholera and other communicable diseases are ongoing, and the risk of famine looms.

Military invasion besides economic pressure, largely imposed by Saudi leadership have helped produce what the United Nations considers the world’s most severe humanitarian catastrophe.

Just over the past year, the hunger crisis in Yemen has worsened dramatically, with a 60 percent increase in the number of districts

Saudis must be hold accountable for all these atrocities and they must answer that why all these massacres against civilians and why to allow this humanitarian crisis to continue?

Iran observes with great concern that the Saudi Arabia commits its crimes with extraordinary brazenness and then does everything it can to dodge responsibility. When held to account, they shift the blame to scapegoats and away from those who are truly responsible.

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