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Mill Valley Film Festival to host Iranian film “Bandar Band”

Mill Valley Film Festival to host Iranian film “Bandar Band”

Tehran (ISNA) – The 43rd edition of Mill Valley Film Festival will host Iranian director Manijeh Hekmat’s latest movie “Bandar Band”.

“Bandar Band” will be screened at the World Cinema section of the festival.

The annual American film festival, which will be both drive-in and online because of the coronavirus pandemic, will run from October 8 to 18, 2020 in California.

The water in Bandar Band, directed by Manijeh Hekmat, is not technically part of the film’s production. It just is, owing to the massive floods of 2019 that submerged wide swaths of Iran. Hekmat’s film deals with that fact of history, surfing along as best it can while adding to the grand tradition of Persian road movies.

Most of Bandar Band takes place inside a van which acts as a refuge for Navid (Reza Koolghani), Mahla (Pegah Ahangarani), and Amir (Amir Hossein) as they make their way to Tehran for a music competition. Owing to the floods, their way is beset by all manner of problems—roads washed away, endless dead-ends, officials with just a bit too much power, and more. Hekmat’s film steers itself away from despair though, thanks in part due to the lived-in performances from her trio of actors, but mainly due to her steadfast tone. Audience sees people’s lives washed away in this film and yet there is a heartening spirit on display that seems impossible to erode. Everyone keeps moving.

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