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Italian journalist Sacha Biazzois interview with 16th Resistance Int’l Film Festival

Italian journalist Sacha Biazzois interview with 16th Resistance Int’l Film Festival

Tehran (ISNA) - Italian journalist Sacha Biazzois made an interview with the 16th Resistance International Film Festival currently underway in Tehran.

The excerpt of the interview is as follows:

Question: Please tell us about your film. How and why you made it?

Answer: "Backstair" is the investigative team that belongs to the Italian newspaper Fanpage.it.

The film was mainly focused on investigative reportages but while we were working on our different reportage, we have been overwhelmed by news events on Covid-19 in Italy.

Based in Lombardi, the Italian region most affected by Covid-19, very soon we understood that something big was going to happen, so we decided to stop our scheduling to devote ourselves full time to the coronavirus news with our cameras. The team consisted of four people in two groups, working 24/7 during March and April.

Q: Which fact was the primary motivation for you to make a film related to the Coronavirus pandemic and doctors' and nurses' efforts as pioneers in defending people's health?

A: We are journalists, and this is the reason that we soon understood the importance of being there to tell and testify through our camera what was happening because of the pandemic.

Due to legal constraints to counter the spread of the epidemiological emergency people were obliged to stay at home and safe. Anyway, we decided to take our risk and spend our time in hospitals recording with our cameras the pain of ICU patients and the work of doctors.

Show to people at home how serious the situation was soon becoming something important. Viewers had to understand what was going on inside the hospital emergency room and how empty the streets were.

Biazzo is a journalist and video maker. Since 2013 he has worked for Fanpage.it where he currently deals with investigative journalism.

He is the author of the Provolo Case, a winner of the 2017 Dig award, and Bloody Money, an undercover serial investigation into the world of waste and political corruption.

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