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Resistance Int’l FilmFest announces documentary films in “Health Defenders” section

Resistance Int’l FilmFest announces documentary films in “Health Defenders” section

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran’s 16th Resistance International Film Festival announced the names of the documentary films in “Health Defenders” section.

The films of this section are as follows:

“When Kindness Becomes Epidemic” by Alireza Baqeshti, “The Jihadist Torch Owners” by Somayeh Haji Ahmadi, “Prominent Efforts” by Abolqasem Abotorabi Zaarchi, “Amini Langroudi Hospital” by Mohammad-Reza Hosseinzadeh, “That Night” by Mahdi Amini and Javad Yaqmouri, “In the Privacy of the Night” by Mahdi Amini and Javad Yaqmouri, “Mother’s Homework” by Mahdi Amini and Javad Yaqmouri, “Kindness Without Borders” Mahdi Amini and Javad Yaqmouri, “Razm Ahang” by Shahroukh Keyvan Nia,

“The Special Operation” by Hojatollah Edalat Panah, “All for All Together” by Mohammad Rafiee, “Parvanegi” by Mohammad Jafar Baqeri Nia, “Mask” by Leila Rostami Shokouh, “The Block 65” by Seyed Vahid Hosseini Nami, “The Breathtaking” by Ali Karami, “The School Children” by Mohammad Rafiee, “The Farewell Ceremony” by Mostafa Baqri, “Name Nick” by Fatemeh Aqa Mohammadi, “Pakban”  by Fatemeh Aqa Mohammadi,  “Becoming First” by Fatemeh Aqa Mohammadi , “Coronavirus in Paradise” by Mahboubeh Aqa Nouri, 

“Standing in the Dust” by Elnaz Qaderpour, , “The Narrative of Patience I” by Nasrin  Goudarzi and Mehdi Mohammadi, “Documentary of Dr. Tahmasebi Amol Martyrdom” by Nasrin Goudarzi, “Nurse of Bani Hashem Hospital” by Farshid Faraji, The Kitchen of Moddares Hospital” by Farshid Faraji, “The Midwifery” by Farshid Faraji, “Observance of Five Simple Protocol” by Fereydoun Jafarianfar, “23 People” by Ali Motaki, “Social Distance” by Erkan Özcan, “Portugal Coronavirus Documentary” by Carlos A. Costa, “Italy Lockdown: how the coronavirus has forever changed our lives”

 by Carla Falzone, Sacha Biazzo, Simone Giancristofaro Carmine Benin casa, “Learning In The Time of Corona,” by Jasmine Ng Qian Yi, “Thanks the Heroes” by Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi, “So close, So far” by Komeil Soheili”, “A Mask for Everyone” by Faroqhi Anna Peretz Haim, “From the Window” by Anzhelika Grigorieva, “22nd of April” Cesare Maglioni.

The festival has initiated the “Health Defenders” category in collaboration with the Health Ministry in honor of the medical workers on the front lines of the campaign against COVID-19.

Films focusing on the endeavor’s health workers have made during the pandemic will be competing in this section.

International Resistance Film Festival will be held on September 21st to 27th, coinciding with the Sacred Defense Week covering the sections "Health Defenders" and 21st to 27th November in section’s "Main Competition", "Resistance Prominent Martyr - Special Section", "Best Film Competition in Absolute Sense" and" Narrations of Pen - Scriptwriting Competition.

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