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Medical Tour Company in Iran: Detailed info + How to Apply

Medical Tour Company in Iran: Detailed info + How to Apply

Tehran (ISNA) - Medical tourism in Iran has had a dramatic growth in the recent times and more and more people are turning to us asking about the process of medical tourism in Iran.

Here, we’ve assembled a detailed guide on medical tourism process and have tried to answer all the questions regarding the matter. If you too are in need of medical treatment, and especially if the budget is tight, stay with us for a magical medical tour in Iran.

The process of medical tour is different with just a normal trip. It requires more preparation and documents. It normally takes a month or two before you are ready to travel to Iran to receive your treatment. We want to work together to make this process as fast as it can be and also a lot easier to plan.

Now, let’s take the first step.

Choosing your medical tour company in Iran:

There are a lot of medical tour companies in Iran, and the first step is to choose one of them and take the steps from there on.

Usually the next step after that, is to visit their medical tour website and fill out a request form to inform them of the specification of the treatment you need and wait for their response; It may take anything between a few hours to a few days to get your response depending on the agency.

After you get your response, things get easier to handle, since that’s what medical tour facilitator’s job is. They will guide you through whatever documents and consultations you are going to need.

Talking directly with your chosen medical tour company in Iran:

Call from your medical tour Company:

After completing your request, your medical tour company in Iran will contact you with a few questions and guidelines to further facilitate your medical tour experience in Iran.

They may require information on:

1. your medical background and the information related to your case

2. The required documents needed by your medical tour company to work with

3. Your expectations

4. Your specific needs and demands

5. Your budget

6. Anything else you feel the need to share with your medical tour company in Iran

By discussing these points, you help us help you better in your medical tour journey to Iran.

It must be pointed out that the details may be received in a series of calls or maybe just one depending on your medical tour company in Iran.

Your Decision to Move Forward with that medical tour company in Iran

once your decision is final and you are ready for your medical tour in Iran, the more serious steps like conversations with your medical consultant in Iran and your visa process will come along.

Call from your medical consultant in Iran

You will have an extensive, detailed conversation with a medical consultant provided by your medical tour company in Iran. In this conversation, your medical needs and information about your treatment will be discussed in detailed with you.

Your expectations of the end result will also be discussed.

In this conversation, your medical tour company in Iran may ask you to provide medical documents such as MRI, X-Rays, Photos and extra to best inform, your surgeon of your medical history.

After discussing all your medical related topics like documenting your medical history, expectations, surgeon and hospital or clinic, then the process of finalizing your requests start taking place.

One of the major benefits of booking a medical tour through an agency in Iran is the services these companies offer. One the reputable medical tour in Iran is SaadatTravel. This company offers all-inclusive medical tour packages tailored to your demands. They cover your accommodation, visa, ticket, airport transfer, transfer to and from your hospital or your surgeon’s clinic, keeping track of your treatment process and will generally handle your pre-arrival, arrival, stay and departure. They will be your bridge to your surgeon after you go back to your company.

I hope this information helps you in your medical tour journey to Iran and we also wish you a safe medical tour.

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