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Using Beirut’ blast as pretext for political purposes unacceptable: Mousavi

Using Beirut’ blast as pretext for political purposes unacceptable: Mousavi

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi stressed that countries should refrain from politicizing the massive blast in Beirut last week, and that the United States should lift sanctions against Lebanon.

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Mousavi said bout Iran’s stance toward the recent developments in Lebanon, “Soon after the recent tragic explosion in Beirut, Iranian officials offered their sympathy and condolences to Lebanon. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held talks over the phone with his Lebanese counterpart and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani issued an order to help the stricken nation. Iran has already sent 95 tons of emergency medical supplies to Lebanon and will continue to send more humanitarian aids”.

"The blast should not be used as an excuse for political aims ... the cause of the blast should be investigated carefully," he added.

"It was a big incident and it is natural for people to be upset and it will have consequences, but if some individuals, groups and foreign countries use the incident as a pretext for political purposes it is unacceptable."

"We have to look a little deeper into this incident and then judge," Mousavi said, noting that some countries hypocritically tried to show their support for the Lebanese people and sympathize with them. I said that if they are honest, they should lift the sanctions against the Lebanese government and people.

"It is natural for people to be upset. It seems that some people are seeking goals with foreign provocations. The Lebanese nation has suffered in the past, and it is appropriate to allow the authorities to address the affairs in order to take care of the suffering of the people who were injured in this tragic incident," Seyyed Abbas Mousavi went on to say.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mousavi pointed to the resignation of the US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook and said, “It is only natural for a team that is nearing its eventual failure to change players. Iran does not care about the consecutive changes in the US failed executives”.

Regarding the extension of the arms embargo on Iran, he said: "The extension of Iran's arms embargo is a threat to the UN Security Council and Americans want to weaken, destroy or subjugate the legal mechanism of the Security Council".

“When they face failure, they relate everything to everything, especially the current regime in the US Administration which is a master of relating irrelevant things,” the spokesman added.

Asked about the claim that Iran may interfere in the US presidential election, mousavi said Tehran is indifferent about who will take office at the White House, so Iran neither meddles nor cares about result of the US election. However, if they (US officials) feel so, it proves Iran's greatness and power.

“Iran does not pay attention to the US political currents and parties, but, monitors their behavior towards the Islamic Republic,” he added.

About the news on the seizure of an Iranian tanker in Pakistan, Mousavi said: “As far as we have checked, nothing has been officially announced to Iran in this regard and we have not received any official news about the seizure of the Iranian ship, but from relevant departments, we are following up and receiving the news, and after determining its accuracy, we will announce the accurate information. We have not been informed by the Pakistani authorities yet".

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