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Kiarostami’s “Close-Up” among top 25 foreign films of all time

Kiarostami’s “Close-Up” among top 25 foreign films of all time

Tehran (ISNA) – “Close-Up” a documentary, mockumentary and self-fulfilling film directed by the internationally well-known late Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami is among the top 25 foreign films of all time and the greatest masters of the art of cinema by Far Out Magazine.

“Undertaking a list like this is never an easy task for anyone because the legacy of world cinema is infinitely rich and affects different people in a lot of different ways. However, it is definitely worth trying to note down some of the most influential foreign films of all time, films that have intrigued us with their unfamiliar charm and the ones that have moved us to tears with their destructive beauty,” Far Out Magazine wrote.

“In order to prevent the monopoly of any one film director (Yes, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky and Bergman, I am looking at all three of you), we have decided to include 25 different filmmakers for this extensive list, to make it more inclusive but a list like this will always be dominated by some of the greatest masters of the art of cinema. You will see the word “masterpiece” being thrown around a lot because each of these 25 entries deserves our undivided attention, such is their irresistible power,” it added.

“Arguably the greatest filmmaker of the Iranian New Wave, Abbas Kiarostami masterfully blurs the distinctions between fiction and non-fiction, between fantasy and reality in his postmodern docudrama, Close-Up. Profoundly meta-fictional in nature, Kiaorostami examines the performative roles all of us play with the precision of a surgeon and the delicate touch of a poet,” Far Out Magazine explained about "Close-up" by Kiarostami.

“Based on true events, Kiarostami emphasizes on the ‘creation’ part of a reconstruction that features the tragic story of an unemployed aspiring filmmaker, Hossein Sabzian. Close-Up is a beautiful yet unsettling cinematic psychoanalysis of an ordinary man,” it added.

“Close-Up” tells the story of the real-life trial of a man who passed himself off as a filmmaker, conning a family into believing they would star in his new film.

“Close-Up” is a film about human identity. It helped gain Kiarostami a greater international recognition.

Many critics consider “Close-Up” a masterpiece of the world cinema. According to a worldwide opinion poll conducted by ‘Sight & Sound’, a British monthly film magazine, “Close-Up” was ranked among ‘Top 100 Greatest Films of All Time’. 

Among the other films included in Far Out Magazine’s list are ‘Stalker’ (1979) by Andrei Tarkovsky, ‘Tokyo Story’ (1953) by Yasujirō Ozu, ‘Seven Samurai’ (1954) by Akira Kurosawa, ‘Yi Yi’ (2000) by Edward Yang, ‘Breathless’ (1960) by Jean-Luc Godard, ‘In The Mood For Love’ (2000) by Wong Kar-wai, ‘The Seventh Seal’ (1957) by Ingmar Bergman, ‘8 ½’ (1963) by Federico Fellini,  ‘L’Avventura’ (1960) by Michelangelo Antonioni, ‘Come and See’ (1985) by Elem Klimov, ‘Sansho the Bailiff’ (1954) by Kenji Mizoguchi, ‘A Man Escaped’ (1956) by Robert Bresson, ‘Hiroshima, Mon Amour’ (1959) by Alain Resnais, ‘Three Colors: Blue’ (1993) by Krzysztof Kieślowski, ‘The Grand Illusion’ (1937) by Jean Renoir, ‘The 400 Blows’ (1959) by François Truffaut, ‘Pather Panchali’ (1955) by Satyajit Ray, ‘Aguirre, The Wrath of God’ (1972) by Werner Herzog and ‘Playtime’ (1967) by Jacques Tati.

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