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Endangering Iranian airliner passengers’ lives US’ "air terrorism": President Rouhani

Endangering Iranian airliner passengers’ lives US’ "air terrorism": President Rouhani

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s President described endangering the lives of Iranian airliner passengers by American fighter jets as the United States’ “air terrorism” and called on the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the United Nations Security Council and all countries to take action against this terrorist act.

Speaking on Wednesday at the session of the Council of Ministers, President Hassan Rouhani said that this mischief of the US government shows the failure of anti-Iranian policies and there is only one way left for them and there is no other way, and that is the implementation of rights, law, agreement and regulations and compensation of the damage made to the Iranian people”.

The president added, "In order to pursue a resolution against Iran, they have walked from the White House like brokers from morning till night and have not succeeded until today. Of course, if they succeed one day, we will give them a decisive response".

"Our enemies are preparing various plans to stop the development and progress of the country, which we must stand up to with strength and foil the conspiracies," he said.

Dr. Rouhani called the collapse of the economy and the destruction of the country's economic pillars the first plot of the enemy in recent years and added, "They were thinking of the collapse of our economy and in the past two years and three months we went through hard times, but people's living were well managed and essential goods were available to them in abundance, although we did not want to see the price of goods rise”.

In this regard, the President referred to the efforts of producers, artisans and all those involved in the field of production in the country to increase production and exports and said, "Despite all the problems caused by unprecedented economic pressure and the spread of coronavirus, we have increased steel production by 10%, which shows that the enemy has not been able to stop our production plants from operating”.

The President stated, "Of course, the economic war of the enemy and the oppressive sanctions have created problems that we must solve hand in hand, and some of the problems today can be solved".

The President called the creation of division among other conspiracies of the enemies and added, "Fortunately, with the precise statements and guidance of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution that played a key role for all three branches, we overcame this conspiracy of the enemy and today we see peace in the country".

In another part of his speech, Dr. Rouhani described the attempt to pass a resolution against Iran in the international community as another conspiracy of the enemies against Iran and added, "They want to pass a new resolution against Iran in the international community so that we cannot get our rights under UN Security Council resolution 2231”.

“To do this, they have been walking here and there from the White House from morning till night like a broker, but they have not succeeded until today, and if they do after this, we will give a decisive response,” said Rouhani.

The President continued, "The new campaign of the enemies is arrogance and dangerous actions in the international skies. Where are ICAO, the Security Council and the United Nations? In response to this act, countries that were in the path and destination of the flight must speak”.

Stating that it is not accepted to frighten the passengers of a passenger plane on a specific flight path, Dr. Rouhani said, "This action is exactly air terrorism and should undoubtedly be treated as terrorism by ICAO, the Security Council and the countries".

The president pointed out that, of course, such acts by the Americans are not unprecedented, and in 1988, they shot down our passenger plane under a false pretext, adding, "These mischiefs and games mean that they have lost to Iran".

Dr. Rouhani emphasized, "We tell the leaders of the White House that there is no other way for you against Iran and that is the implementation of rights, laws and regulations and compensation for the damage you have done to the Iranian nation, if you think the Iranian nation will be humble against your misconduct, you are wrong, our people will not be disappointed and will not give up resistance”.

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