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Iran determined to create necessary balance to thwart pressures: President Rouhani

Iran determined to create necessary balance to thwart pressures: President Rouhani

Tehran (ISNA) - Emphasizing on dealing effectively with the unjustifiable increase in the prices of some goods, Iran’s President stated, "Along with efforts to boost production and improve the quality of goods, the supply of goods to the end consumer should be considered as equally important”.

Speaking on Sunday at the meeting of the cabinet’s economic coordination board, Dr. Hassan Rouhani described the supply of goods at reasonable prices as the main programmes of the government along with the production boom and added, "Determining the price of goods should be done transparently through reforming the process of production, distribution and definition of processes in this chain”.

The President added, "Dealing with unreasonable inflation requires that in addition to the implementation of defined monitoring for the relevant agencies, we also provide the ground for public monitoring by creating transparency".

Dr. Rouhani emphasized, "People should know what the price of raw materials for making a product is and how the production of products is finished, and when a product reaches the people, what path it has taken that determines the price. This transparency also leads to public monitoring and fighting corruption and high prices, and it will also create competition in the economy”.

The President added, "All producers, especially government agencies, are obliged to determine the process of pricing and quick and easy supply of manufactured goods, especially raw materials, and to take effective measures to deal with the problem of high prices".

Stating that the increase in prices for goods produced in the public and non-governmental public sector is not acceptable at all, Dr. Rouhani said, "The public sector should be in the forefront in the field of price control by defining the process of determining prices and dealing with high prices”.

The President emphasized, "The commodity exchange should be strengthened and bring the prices of the country's manufactured goods to a reasonable level with the transparency of supply and demand”.

Appreciating the increase in production levels in goods such as steel and petrochemicals, which in previous years were on the list of imported goods and have now become an opportunity for the country's exports, Dr. Rouhani stressed, "In goods that the country has a surplus, the market can be transparent so that we can achieve a reasonable price, regarding which we can issue the necessary instructions to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Exchange Organisation”.

The President also thanked the country's economic activists for cooperating with the government's policies and programs in this field, saying, "In special economic conditions that are not comparable to any other time in the country's history, the government has put the oil-free economy into operation and managed the country's economy in these difficult times with the effective cooperation of entrepreneurs, producers and exporters”.

Explaining the goals of the enemy's economic war, the main axis of which was the collapse of the country, Dr. Rouhani said, "The enemies' plan was to impose sanctions and pressures in such a way that people would have trouble even meeting their basic needs, but today after more than two years after the sanctions, the government, with the cooperation of the people and economic activists, has been able to succeed not only in providing basic and essential goods to society, but also in supplying raw materials for the production of goods”.    

Referring to the continuing economic pressure of the enemies, Dr. Rouhani said, "The government is determined to implement a regular programme to meet the foreign exchange needs of basic goods and raw materials and intermediaries of production units and create the necessary balance in the foreign exchange market".

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