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Iranian Pistachio: How to buy pistachios from Iran?

Iranian Pistachio: How to buy pistachios from Iran?

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran is one of the most well-known pistachio exporters in the world. Iranian pistachio is so popular around the world due to its quality, taste, and all the benefits it has for the body. In this article, we will guide you through different types of pistachios and some other general information about them.

For comprehensive guides on the pistachio industry in Iran, you can visit the Iran Pistachio Association website or Ratinkosh Company’s website, which is one of the best Iranian pistachio suppliers and the expert in the field.

All about Iranian Pistachio

Do you know why Iranian pistachio is so popular? The pistachio in Iran mostly grows in Kerman province, often in the Rafsanjan region. This area has the largest number of different pistachio and also has the most suitable weather to grow pistachio. That’s why the pistachios of this area are so well-known inside and outside of Iran. They taste different and also have various shapes, such as long shape (known as Ahmad Aghaei pistachio), super long shape (known as Akbari pistachio), semi-long pistachio (known as Badami pistachio), and round pistachio (called Fandoghi pistachio).

Even pistachio harvesting has a method that can impact the quality of these nuts, and since pistachio production in Iran dates back to a long time ago, we can say that Iranian are experts in this job. Moreover, Iranian pistachios have the most natural color without any additional coloration. Since during the harvesting process, most of the nutshells will have stains on them, most of the pistachios in the markets are chemically red. Some companies try to hide this ugliness, but Iranian pistachio suppliers don’t dye their products red. All the products in the market are natural. Pistachios usually don’t have an exact color, they are most colorful. Some are red, purple, pink, or green. They also owe these colors to antioxidants they contain, which show they are so healthy and good for the body.

Iranian pistachios are sold in-shell, shelled, raw, and roasted. All have the same benefits for the body. Only the raw and roasted pistachios might have semi-different tastes. The roasted pistachios are tastier and the raw pistachios are considered to be healthier.

Almost 2000 tons of pistachios are produced in Iran each year, and normally, 90% of this is exported. This number shows the popularity of this nut outside of Iran. Many countries around the world buy Iranian pistachio because of its quality and price. If you haven’t bought Iranian pistachio yet, we explain to you what to do.

How to buy Iranian pistachio

Pistachio, like other nuts, is dry, and if you store it in the right place, normally cool and dry storage, it can last for a long time (even more than one year). Therefore, you can buy Iranian pistachio in bulk and keep it fresh for as long as you want. Normally, the wholesale pistachios cost less than the ones sold in the package. So, it’s the best choice for companies and stores that sell pistachio in bulk in their own country.

Since nowadays everything is done online, some wholesale pistachio suppliers have published a website where customers can find their preferred nuts and special types of Iranian pistachio. The support teams of these companies are available to help the customers to request for the products, and also will be in touch with them during and after this process.

There is no need to be concerned about the health of these nuts because the companies can provide you with all the necessary documents, such as the health certificate of the product, to ensure that these products do not have any unnatural additives and are 100% natural. 

Bottom Line

Pistachios are so beneficial to the body. They are one of the most energy-boosting and nutritional nuts that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, which are good to reduce the risks of heart diseases. To gain the most benefits from these nuts, it’s better to find the best and high-quality product. Between all the suppliers of pistachios around the world, Iran is known as the best pistachio supplier that exports high quality, tasty, and the most healthful pistachios to the world.

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