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US, Israel main goal is to create division between Iran’s nation, system: President Rouhani

US, Israel main goal is to create division between Iran’s nation, system: President Rouhani

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s President said that the main goal of the United States and the Zionist Regime is to exert pressure, disappoint and create division between the nation and the system, and emphasized, "What the people want is for the three branches to join hands to solve the country's problems”.

Speaking in a cabinet session of Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said, "The government has always wanted close and brotherly relations with the other two branches within the framework of the constitution, and will continue this policy”.
Dr. Rouhani said that with the widespread pressure of sanctions by the enemies and coronavirus, it is not the time for tensions and disputes, adding, "Sincerely and under the support of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the government extends its hand in cooperation to the other two branches and the armed forces”.  
Referring to July 13, the day of constructive interaction with the world, the President said, "I would like to appreciate the Iranian nation for their support, the Supreme Leader for his guidance and support, the Supreme National Security Council for its help, and especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for advancing the policy of constructive interaction”.
Dr. Rouhani described the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a symbol of the country's political power and stated that the symbol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the minister himself. He also went on to explain the great achievements of the country in this field during the last seven years and emphasized, "The lift of Chapter-VII resolutions was a great work in the world, and is a permanent political victory in the history of Iran”.
In another part of his speech, the President said that the development of deprived provinces, especially Sistan and Baluchistan, is one of the goals of the government of prudence and hope, saying, "Increasing the capacity of Chabahar Port from 2.5m tonnes to 8.5m tonnes is a major development of the south and north transit line”.
The President stated that more than 2 trillion rials have been invested for the Zahedan-Chabahar railway and I hope that by the end of this year, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development will extend this railway line from the south to Iranshahr and from Zahedan to Khash”.
“In addition to these projects, 46,000 hectares of agricultural land in Sistan and Baluchistan have also been equipped with modern irrigation systems, which could revolutionise the area’s agriculture,” he continued.
The President went on to point out the stock market and the need to strengthen it, emphasising that the stock market must continue path strongly and that we are all responsible for protecting people's capital well.
He continued, "30% of Justice Shares have been released, 30% will be released on Eid al-Ghadir, and the remaining 30% will be released on February 10”.
Dr. Rouhani praised the stances of the heads of the other two branches in support of dealing with those exporters who have not yet returned the foreign exchange earned from exports to the country, despite the fact that three months have passed, adding, "Not abiding by the law by some exporters, which will put pressure on the people is not acceptable and the exporters of goods are required to return the money within three months”.
In another part of his speech, the President referred to the issue of housing and the government's extensive measures in the field of housing and said that the people will see a good and positive development in the field of housing by the end of this government, adding, "250,000 hectares of land around cities and villages were given to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development for housing construction, and this figure will soon reach one million hectares”.
The President went on to say that the government has made a number of important decisions to combat the spread of coronavirus, and that it is very important to implement these decisions.
Dr. Rouhani added, "Unfortunately, in the second half of last month, we faced a new wave in some provinces that were not infected with the virus in the first wave, and with God’s help we will put this wave behind us, and in this regard, decisions and resolutions have been made”.
The President noted, "We have also authorised the Ministry of Health to deal with crowded places that can be problematic and dangerous, and it has been decided to close mourning ceremonies until further notice”.
Dr. Rouhani stated, "We will continue to implement the resolutions that have been adopted to overcome this wave and deal with the outbreak of coronavirus, and we expect to enter into a calmer August with each other’s help”.
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