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Defeating coronavirus by fresh organic foods

Defeating coronavirus by fresh organic foods

Tehran (ISNA) - Keep in mind that enhancing the immune system is the key to prevent viruses. Sad to say that, no definitive method or vaccine has yet been discovered to treat COVID 19 disease, so boosting the immune system is incredibly important.

The immune system differentiates its cells from the foreign ones, and the most important parts of it are white blood cells, or WBCs, which are the body's soldiers because they are sent to the site of pathogens. And in fact, they are a powerful army in the body; this army needs weapons to deal with foreign factors, and it is safe to say that their weapons are nothing but vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamins are organic compounds that are needed in small amounts in the body to maintain metabolism and help the body's reactions because the body is unable to produce them. Therefore, our body needs to take vitamins either naturally in food or in the form of pills. Taking vitamins naturally from a healthy diet is way better than taking them from pills and drugs.

Here are some vitamin-rich foods like as apple, Kiwi , Honey and Dates that are very effective in strengthening the immune system.

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