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The world against Iran’s sanctions

The world against Iran’s sanctions

Tehran (ISNA) – Following the coronavirus epidemic in Iran, US sanctions have led to more Iranians have died from coronavirus. To this end, Iranian people through new means of communication and "public diplomacy" are urging people from around the world to join in an international unity to lift US’ inhumane sanctions against Iranians.

Today, as the coronavirus has increased economic and livelihood pressure on the Iranians and puts their health at serious risk, the Iranian people have a request from all the nations in the world. They want citizens of all countries to ask their presidents, parliamentarians and foreign ministers to prioritize lifting cruel sanctions on Iranians in negotiations and consultations with the US administration.

These days, as the world is wrestling with a common problem known as “COVID-19” and facing difficulty and limitation due to shortage of medicines, medical equipment and health supplies in a short time, maybe it would be a good time for people around the world to understand the effect of shortage of medicines and medical equipment due to US’ unilateral sanctions on Iranians.

Compatriots and fellowmen are expected to cooperate with this humane and moral campaign so the ultimate winner of this game is ethics, not politics. This campaign is completely popular and humane movement. It is not only a rehearsal for strengthening the “public diplomacy” and role-playing of nations in improving the global situations but also is an effort to achieve the long-time aspiration of every human being: freedom and global peace.

In this regard, all Iranians around the world are invited to participate in this moral campaign. All well-known and popular Iranian and non-Iranian people including scientists, professors, artists, athletes, poets and writers, journalists and etc... are expected to reflect the voice of Iranian people in lifting sanctions.

Publish the following text using #StopIranSanctions to reflect Iranians’ voice.

در حالی‌که دهکده جهانی در حال مبارزه علیه #کووید۱۹ است، ملت ایران مجبور است در جبهه دومی نیز مبارزه کند: مبارزه علیه #تحریم‌های_آمریکا.
پیام ما به تمامی رهبران جهان: بیایید با ویروس مبارزه کنیم نه با ملت‌ها.
لطفاً پیش از آن که خیلی دیر شود، به اشتراک بگذارید

As the global village continues to fight against #COVID19, the Iranian nation has to fight a second battle: THE US SANCTIONS
Our message to all the world leaders: Let's fight against the virus—NOT against the nations
Please share before it's too late

بینما تواصل القریة العالمیة مکافحة فیروس کوفید ١٩، فالشعب الإیرانی یقاتل علی جبهة ثانیة أیضاً وهی: العقوبات الأمریکیة.

رسالتنا الواضحة لقادة العالم هی: تعالوا نکافح الفیروس، ولیس الناس.

 أوقفوا العقوبات المفروضة علی إیران

 قوموا بمشارکة النص قبل فوات الأوان

Alors que le village mondial lutte contre le #Covid19, la nation iranienne devrait lutter dans un second front qui est les #sanctions américaine. Notre message aux leaders mondiaux: Venez lutter contre le virus et non contre le peuple
Arrêtez les sanctions contre l’Iran

Während alle im globalen Dorf im Kampf gegen Covid-19 sind, müssen die Iraner an zwei Fronten kämpfen: gegen US-Sanktionen und gegen #Covid-19
Unsere Botschaft an alle Staatsoberhäupter: Kämpfen Sie gegen Corona und nicht gegen die Menschen! Stoppt #Sanktionen gegen Iran! Teilen Sie den Text bitte weiter, bevor zu spät ist

Mientras la aldea global está luchando contra #Covid19, la nación iraní tiene que pelear una segunda batalla: las sanciones de los Estados Unidos

Nuestro mensaje a los lideres mundiales: luchemos contra el virus, no contra la gente


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