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Describing space above atmosphere by common language of “cosmic song”

Describing space above atmosphere by common language of “cosmic song”

Tehran (ISNA) - Startup and music group Bijan Norouz have recently produced and edited some music for a video clip about the spheres and the cosmos, in which they have tried to describe the outer space of the earth for their audiences. As they believe there is a harmonic “Cosmic Song” among the celestial bodies and music is the one which can help a better understanding of the world above for the human.

In an interview with ISNA, referring to the production of a film about the celestial spheres and the cosmos, Bijan Norouz, a musician and the line producer has said, “The subject of the film is the expansion of the universe or the cosmos and the its audiences will be much more familiar with the real dimensions of the celestial spheres, countless of galaxies and the end of the universe”.

He pointed out the importance of making the humans on the earth acquainted with the space above the Earth’s atmosphere and said, “Since each one of the celestial spheres has its own special properties and play a role in its own system, watching such a film could encourage them to study extensively while confronting the question whether there are worlds other than ours”.

Bijan Norouz considers the existence or non-existence of aliens in other systems as another relevant question and continued, “Having such questions in mind, people would be more curious in seeking for answers”.

Stating that the music of the film is produced by Bijan Norouz’s Music Group, the line producer, said, “The process of making the music is based on the concepts and the phenomena which you see in the film, so it directly defines everything from the cosmos to the universe”.

According to the researcher in the field of Astronomical music, all the process of the composing and playing the music has been recorded as a live music in studio with all the engineering work including recording, mixing and mastering done using analog devices.

He also mentioned, “The Track includes the Stereo and Dolby Surround Sound versions of 5.1 and 7.1”.

By asking the question whether the music is the key to understand the world, he mentioned, “The idea of the music of the spheres goes back to the ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. Based on his point of view, principles of triangles were just a single note in the grand musical work that was the cosmos, wherein ratios, harmony, and the heavenly bodies were united voices of the cosmic song”.

As a researcher in the field of astronomy, Bijan Norouz pointed out, “The language of music is the language of the whole universe, therefore one can convey emotions to the human brain using music. Moreover we can intensify the audience’s emotions using visuals simultaneously.  Music is a universal language”.

Bijan Norouz added, “In making the video clip we tried to combine some images from some Space stations in order to describe the spheres, cosmos and the universe in the best way”.

Bijan Norouz explained, “According to the “Big Bang” theory, the moment of creation came together with a great sound. The more we know about the world, we better trust in music, because the music itself results from the nature and the universe”. 

According to Bijan Norouz, the CEO and the founder of Bijan Norouz Worldwide Music Co. the music has the Publication License from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance 1397-1770 and the Drop-off Number of National Library of Iran 21493 and also Registration of Literary or Artistic 97-2010.

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