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2020; amazing year to visit Iran

2020; amazing year to visit Iran

Tehran (ISNA) - The Western narrative about Iran has been negative for ages, an amalgam of lies and innuendo. This is what tourists report after visiting Iran and seeing it with their own eyes.

Here, there are five truths you will learn during your trip to Iran, which all will speak to one greater reality: The best time to visit Iran is as soon as you can book your Iran tour.

1. Iranians don’t want war

Iranians are some of the most peaceful people in the world, as evidenced by the extremely low crime rates in Iran. When it came to the specific topic of conflict with the United States, every Iranian you speak with would be emphatic: They don’t want war. In fact, Iranians do have a problem with the policies of the US government, but you cannot find a single person who wishes ill will upon the American people. Iranians, being famous as one of the most hospitable people in the world welcome tourists from every corner of the world open-handedly.

2. And neither do Americans

The US media is pushing hard for a war with Iran, but the vast majority of American people and many political parties are against this. In fact, one of the things that propelled President Trump’s surprise 2016 victory was the false assumption people had that he was less hawkish than Hillary Clinton. If you’re considering a trip to Iran this year but are afraid to book it because you expect a war, don’t.

Average Americans are sick of the never-ending wars in the Middle East. Besides, the members of Congress are currently drafting legislation that will prevent Trump from declaring war on his own. Moreover, Iranians will never start a war as they have never started one before. Though, they are ready to defend themselves.

3. Travel changes people, people change the world

Even for professional travelers who have visited dozens of countries, the beauty of the land and the kindness of Iranians still have something different for them.

The posts and Vlogs on social media projecting sceneries of Iran usually reach hundreds of people, most from Western countries whose citizens are rather ignorant about the reality of life in Iran and are thirsty to see the real picture. Traveling to Iran is actually one of the best ways you can help to ensure a peaceful future, because it is only by challenging one’s own misconceptions and changing one’s own hearts that we can move other people and society to evolve.

4. SURFIRAN takes safety seriously

As a perfectional tour operator in Iran, SURFIRAN tour guides and the team at the SURFIRAN office in Tehran are always concerned about safety during the trips, even for seemingly trivial matters. If, God forbid, the situation on the ground in Iran became tense when you were there, SURFIRAN would make sure that you and everyone in your group 100% safe.

Furthermore, SURFIRAN will always communicate the latest safety information to you, before, during and after your trip to Iran.

 5. Iran has always been welcoming—and it always will be

One of the memories of your trip to Iran that you will never forget is a dinner at the home of an Iranian family. You may sit on a carpet Iranian style, share some of the favorite Iranian foods, including Fesenjan and Ghormeh Sabzi, and also have the opportunity to talk to all the family members. This is the real Iran: People whose hearts are full of joy, in spite of being constantly misrepresented and maligned.

Whether in 2020 or anytime in this new decade, the best time to visit Iran is as soon as you can go! Media narratives (and US presidents, hopefully) will change, but Iran (and Persia before it) has stood for literally thousands of years. Iran isn’t going anywhere, and neither the kindness and graciousness of the Iranian people.

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  • -«ایسنا» مجاز به ویرایش ادبی نظرات مخاطبان است.
  • - ایسنا از انتشار نظراتی که حاوی مطالب کذب، توهین یا بی‌احترامی به اشخاص، قومیت‌ها، عقاید دیگران، موارد مغایر با قوانین کشور و آموزه‌های دین مبین اسلام باشد معذور است.
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