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What do you know about Iran trip planner?

What do you know about Iran trip planner?

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran trip planner is the best option for you if you want to travel to Iran on your own and have no idea where they want to go and which cities you want to visit.

Many tourists prefer to travel to Iran individually and without any Iran tour. Although we still recommend that if it is your first time that you are traveling to Iran, it is better to join a tour.

That’s why they prefer to have an Iran trip planner and use that for their journey in Iran. It can be like an Iran travel guide for them especially if they want to visit Iran for the first time!

Iran tour or Iran trip planner?

I’m pretty sure you hear about many ravel agencies in Iran that offer you different Iran tours. But here we want to talk about Iran trip planner. But what is that?

Iran trip planner is like a guide map that shows you different routes and ways that you can travel to Iran. You can find different Iran trip itineraries. But where you can find these Iran trip planners?

What is the Iran trip planner?

Saadat rent as one of the biggest and most trustworthy car rental in Iran companies has many customers from around the world that want to explore Iran every year. They usually start their travel from Tehran and drive through different routes and paths.

In these years, many tourists traveled to Iran but had no idea which cities are worth visiting first in their limited time in Iran. We always suggest to them the most popular cities between tourists so they can visit them. But sometimes people want to drive different routes or experience something new or different kinds of Iran tourism.

Iran trip planner advantages

Well, there are many advantages that we can mention:

1.         These Iran trip planners are so flexible and you can change them due to your time, the season you are traveling to Iran and where you want to visit, etc. you can also delete or add a new city in your Iran itinerary. Saadat rent also gives you many suggestions and other options.

2.         You don’t have to be in a big Iran tour group and you can travel individually or with your friends and family with a free Iran trip planner. Seriously, what is better than that?

3.         Your travel cost will be lower than traveling to Iran with an Iran group tour and you can stay in each city as much as you want.

How Saadatrent makes the different Iran trip planners?

All of these issues made us make different routes as Iran trip planner based on the experience of our customers and local tour guides and suggest hem for free to our customers and other tourists who want to travel to Iran and want to know what is the best route for traveling to Iran.

As we said, Iran trip planner is one of the best ways to travel in Iran without an Iran tour and explore Iran like a local. In the continue, we are going to introduce you to two of the most popular Iran trip planners that almost everyone who traveled by them, they fell in love with Iran.

Best Iran travel routes

Classic Iran

Tehran – Kashan – Isfahan – Yazd – Shiraz

This route is the most known Iran route that you can see in between the Saadatrent offers to its customers especially those who have traveled to Iran the first time.

This Iran trip planner makes that opportunity for you to visit the most tourist cities of Iran and also see the most famous attraction of this land like Persepolis and Naqsh-e Jahan.

In this route, you can change your Iran trip planner and put Kerman in your Iran travel itinerary too. you can also visit Bandar Abbas at the end of your trip and also travel the magical islands of the Persian Gulf from there.

Around Iran

Tehran – Chalus – Ramsar – Rasht – Ardabil – Tabriz – Kurdistan – Kermanshah – Khuzestan – Shiraz – Isfahan – Kashan - Tehran

In this trip planner Saadat rent suggested a round trip that starts from Tehran and ended there too. with this Iran trip planner, you can visit all you must see on your travel to Iran.

As you can see, this is a long Iran route and you need more than a week to visit all these cities. You can visit Iran’s mature and history on one trip and never forget your travel to this glorious land.

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