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Iran summons Swiss charge d’affaires over US’ warmongering statements

Iran summons Swiss charge d’affaires over US’ warmongering statements

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran summoned the Swiss charge d’affaires representing U.S. interests in Tehran on Wednesday to protest over warmongering statements by American officials.

“The Foreign Ministry summoned the Swiss charge d’affaires and issued Iran’s strong protest against warmongering statements in violation of the United Nations Charter by U.S. officials.

Iran's complaint was lodged by the managing director of Iranian Foreign Ministry for the US affairs, Mohsen Baharvand over US officials' warmongering remarks which are against the UN Charter.

Baharvand urged Swiss chargé d'affaires to convey Iran's complaint to the UN that Iraq is an independent state and Iraqis are freedom-seekers, independence-seeker and dignified.

“The US army by presenting no evidence has killed at least 25 people in Iraq and has injured many more. Naturally, Iraqi people will show a reaction to a country that has occupied their land and has killed their youths. Americans also bombarded two points in Syria simultaneously which shows that they are after other aims,” he said.

Baharvand advised the US officials to set aside blame games and not to accuse a country for no reason.

Swiss chargé d'affaires was mentioned that Iran is not warmonger but will defend with all its power against any threat and any unwise measure. US administration is better to learn how to speak with other nations and stop its occupations.

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