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US’ sanctions make procurement of medicines impossible for Iranians: Health Minister

US’ sanctions make procurement of medicines impossible for Iranians: Health Minister

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki, in a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus condemned US’ economic sanctions against Iran, stressing that the tight restrictions imposed by the US have made the procurement and importation of medicines and medical devices all but impossible for Iranian people.

Referring to US’ unilateral sanctions against Iran, Dr. Namaki wrote, “As you are certainly aware, vulnerable Iranians are the victims of far-reaching tools of economic warfare inflicted by US administration”.

“While the US government claims the economic sanctions against Iran do not include medicines, foodstuff, and medical supplies, it has blocked almost all of Iran's financial transactions through the international banking system,” Namaki wrote in the letter to the WHO Director-General.

He went on to say, “Following my previous letter on November 17, 2019, the situation has further deteriorated, and we have seen absolutely no action by the international community, and in particular by any UN representative, to remedy this critical situation.”

The United States is not only guilty of waging "economic terrorism" against Iran by boycotting the country, but it has also committed crimes against humanity by its sanctions on Iranian citizens, he added.

“In particular, I am emphasizing the new US sanctions that prevented two American companies from delivering medicines for 345 MPS patients in Iran,” the minister said.

“I would like to inform you that hundreds of Iranian children with MPS are at risk of mortality and side effects due to the lack of these medicines,” he added.

Meanwhile, Iran’s deputy health minister for international affairs Mohsen Asadi Lari has also reacted to US’ pharmaceutical sanctions.

“While the world celebrates New Year’s Eve, MPS patients in Iran are suffering as US Pharmaceutical Companies including Sanofi Genzyme and BioMarin deny provision of their exclusive medicines to innocent Iranian children. Shame!” he wrote on his official Twitter account.

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