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Iran strongly condemns GCC summit final statement

Iran strongly condemns GCC summit final statement

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi reacted to the final statement of the 40th Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit in Riyadh saying, “Handful nations supporting the continuation of current irrational policies in the region should take responsibility towards public opinion for their false actions”.

The spokesman said, “Handful nations supporting the continuation of current irrational policies in the region should answer to public opinion that what they have done to reduce tensions in the region except creating and reinforcing terrorist and Takfiri groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and paving the way for foreigners to enter the Persian Gulf?”

“Repeating unfounded claims in the statement is the result of political pressure made by a number of members of the council which have done their best during previous decades to avoid multilateral cooperation”.

“By their parochialism during recent years, they have not only caused looting of neighboring countries’ wealth, but provided ground for foreign meddling in the sensitive region,” he added.

“Some members of the council are trying to destroy opportunities for cooperation aimed at establishing stability and security offered by Iran,” he noted, “But other nations shouldn’t let them to do so”.

Mousavi said, “Offering non-aggression pact, region discussion forum and Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE) are of attempts by our country in line with regional cooperation”.

“Countries that their irresponsible meddling in other states has caused massive massacre of innocent civilians and led to increasing insecurity and terrorism in the region are attempting to escape the consequence of their violations of international law and war crimes”.

Mousavi described Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs as eternal and inseparable parts of Iran and said, “Tehran considers any claim on these islands as interference in internal affairs and severely condemns it. Such actions would have no impact on historical and legal realities”.

He called GCC’s reaction to reducing nuclear commitments by Iran a “historical joke”, adding that “Countries that utilized their full effort and wealth to fail Iran’s nuclear deal, are now protesting the legal measures by Iran”.

He also strongly condemned the final statement’s clear support of US economic terrorism against Iran, calling it a violation of neighborliness policy.

“Many claims asserted in the statement didn’t worth answering. Instead of the provocative assertions which have no result but continuation of the current destructive process and leading the region toward an unknown future, the courtiers should change course and pursue cooperation”.

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