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Padidar magazine’s Documentary Film Project

Padidar magazine’s Documentary Film Project

Tehran (ISNA) - The recent issue of Padidar magazine includes a Documentary Film Project which is an expansive study on Iranian documentaries from its beginning era to the present. Over 60 documentary filmmakers and scholars made rare contribution to this project, making the result more comprehensive and engrossing.

Professor Bill Nichols, the well-known documentary film theorist and San Francisco State University faculty, has also participated in Padidar's project and has written notes on several Iranian documentaries.

Dr. Akbar Alemi, Farhad Varahram, Farshad Fadaian, Mohammad Reza Aslani, Dr. Naser Fakoohi, Kamyar Farooghi, Naser Taghvaee, Ali Loghmani, Manuchehr Tayyab, Robert Safarian, Parviz Jahed and Bahman Kiarostami are among other figures who wrote articles and made remarks in this project.

This is the fifth issue of Padidar published online in November 2019. Padidar is the first Iranian digital magazine on Film, Theatre and Literature, published by Tehran University of Art, with an appealing design as a PDF file. Its latest issue entails other segments as well, with various articles on film, theatre, and a special focus on Hooshang Azadivar- the late and authentic Iranian documentary filmmaker, translator, author and modernist poet. Padidar magazine is free to download from its website (padidarmag.art.ac.ir.)

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