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We will fight any war against Israel: Al-Nujaba

We will fight any war against Israel: Al-Nujaba

Tehran (ISNA) - Engineer Nasr ash-Shimmari, in a media talk, described the fostering of relations between Iraq, Russia and China as an effective step for becoming free of the US domination, and then, called standing against Israel a religious obligation.

According to the report of al-Nujba’s Centre for Relations and Media Affairs in Iran, the official spokesman of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance, in a specific talk with Demir Nazarov, answered the questions of the independent Russian journalist.

Engineer Nasr ash-Shimmari, during the interview, published in detail by Levant Specific Website, pointing to Trump’s statements, called the ISIS the offspring of the US created in cooperation with the Saudi System and other Arab states of Persian Gulf.

He stated, “They are not acting seriously in the fight against their own offspring, furthermore, they use the remnants of this terrorist group as leverage for prevention from the establishment of stability in Iraq.”

Al-Nujaba’s spokesman described the fostering of Iraq’s relations with Russia and China as a necessary step contributing to the development of his country and helping it become free of the US domination.

In another part of the interview, ash-Shimmari, calling Turkey’s military intervention in Eastern Syria a violation of international regulations and Syria’s sovereignty, further noted, “The Syrian nation and its allies have presented some invaluable blood in defence of their own sovereignty; thereby, we ask Turkey to leave Syria immediately.”

Then, the Russian journalist, pointing to the Israelis’ increasing fear of al-Nujaba’s Movement, asked, “Israelis believe that you will participate in any possible war between them and Lebanon and Syria, how do you see this?”

Answering this question, al-Nujaba’s official spokesmen, pointed to the aggressions and crimes of the Zionist Regime against the Islamic Ummah and explicated, “In accordance with a religious obligation and due to our belief principles, we should stand against this occupying regime; and in any war against Israel, we will certainly stand by other Resistance groups, and chiefly, next to the Lebanese Hezbollah.”

Ash-Shimmari added, “In case of any war between Hezbollah and Syria against the Zionist Regime, it will be an honour for us to stand in the front line formed against Israel for restoring the rights of Arab and Muslim nations.”

Besides, he announced that there have been relations and meeting among commanders of Palestinian Resistance Groups and described Iraq’s playing host to the representative offices of these groups as a good and honourable event.

Concerning public demonstrations in Iraq, the top-rank member of the IPMF pointed out, “The past and current governments have not acted seriously in order to resolve problems, combat corruptions or to establish meritocracy, and it is the cause of public demonstrations.”

Confirming public objections, engineer Nasr ash-Shimmari, warned against the abuses of this situation by enemies and said, “Americans are discontent over Iraq’s not following the US anti-Iran sanctions and the close ties between these two states.”

He added, “In addition, the sectarianist and autocratic regimes of the Persian Gulf, that can’t stand the democratic state of Iraq, attempt to convert right objections into destructive riots; however, this won’t happen.”

Finally, the spokesman of al-Nujaba referred to the national unity of Iraq and the brotherly relationship between Shiites and Sunnis and stated, “In al-Nujaba Movement, we had a good experience of cooperation with Sunni volunteers. Many of them were made martyrs and fought under the command of al-Nujaba and their blood was combined with that of our martyrs.”

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