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Secondary circuit of Arak nuclear reactor to be operational in 2 weeks

علی‌اصغر زارعان - معاون حفاظت و امنیت سازمان انرژی اتمی

Tehran (ISNA) - Special assistant to the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Ali Asghar Zarean announced that the secondary circuit of the Arak heavy water nuclear reactor will be operational within two weeks.

Noting that Iran's nuclear industry has been entirely indigenized, Zarean said, “One hundred percent of Iran's nuclear industry activities has been indigenized and, today, we are self-sufficient in designing and manufacturing various kinds of centrifuges”.

“Once others were not willing to give us a single centrifuge or see a centrifuge spinning, but now, thousands of centrifuges are running at Natanz and Fordow nuclear facilities,” the official added.

“Iran is now producing the raw material of yellowcake domestically and this move has greatly increased the bargaining power at the international level," he added.

Iran has the capacity to produce up to 25 tonnes of heavy water per year, said Zarean, noting that the Islamic Republic currently produces 20 tonnes of heavy water annually, which is exported to other countries.

Meanwhile, he stressed that the Iranian nuclear industry is not seeking to produce nuclear bombs in line with the Fatwa of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

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