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US responsible that dialogue wasn’t held: Iran’s government spokesman

US responsible that dialogue wasn’t held: Iran’s government spokesman

Tehran (ISNA) - Iran’s government spokesman, Ali Rabiei said the country’s president was ready to hold talks with P5+1 leaders if sanctions would have been lifted but US President Donald Trump showed he is “not determined” to hold talks by maintaining sanctions.

Speaking about Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s recent trip to New York to attend the 74th United Nations General Assembly, the spokesman said, “However US has signaled enthusiasm towards negotiations, Washington should mend our distrust caused by its withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). But such attempt is not witnessed in US behavior”.

Noting that Rouhani was ready to hold talks with P5+1 leaders in Ney York, if sanctions would have been lifted, Rabiei said, “By maintaining sanctions, Trump showed he is not determined to hold talks. US is directly responsible that the dialogue was not held, but they have understood that sanctions have no impact on Iran”.

Answering a question about the prospect of Iran-Saudi Arabia ties, he said, “We have always called for ending war and aggression in Yemen and now we urge ceasefire and peace in the country. I acknowledge that some countries have brought messages to Rouhani on the behalf of Saudi Arabia, bit it should be seen in action and their aggressions in Yemen must end”.

Speaking on whether Trump would be reelected in 2020, the official said, “As I said before, it doesn’t matter for us that who lives in house of cards (the White House). We are ready to face any situation. We should seek to develop our country, promote peace and security for our people, continue our active diplomacy and pursue Iran’s rights in the international community”.

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